Stick a Fork in Me

(Um, not really.)

I am so tired.

First, we closed on our house in Austin on Friday, which meant a whole lot of racing around on Thursday, trying to get the paperwork all signed and notarized in between picking up children. We all ended up at Coop's office, because we really like to do that kind of detailed paperwork while entertaining children in a place of business. I missed Knit Night, too, which is a bummer.

I haven't even processed what it means to me to be officially done with our life in Austin. I haven't had time to even FEEL whatever it is I'm feeling.

Then, we had Halloween, which included parades at both schools and then loads of other photo opportunities.

Coop took the girls trick-or-treating while I stayed home for the trick-or-treaters we might get. We got two sets. Six kids total. No one, not even candy-happy children, wanted to walk up our driveway.

Then today, we had Jane's birthday party. (Yes, her birthday was October 11. What's your point?)

PLUS, we have the decisions in front of us: will I do the National Novel Writing Month this year? Because, if so, I have about three hours to write my daily 1,300 words.

All questions, plus photos from the past two photogenic days, will be posted tomorrow. Right now, I'm just done. Stick a fork in me (only, um, not really.)


I'm feeling that way too. My head is spinning.

Congrats on the house sale!
Ann in NJ said…
Yes, congrats on the house sale. Doing stuff like that long distance is even harder than usual and a little surreal.

So glad Halloween is over. But now feeling like it's a headlong rush to Thanksgiving and Christmas! Aaaagh!
DK said…
Okay, so yay for selling the house in less than three years! Congrats on having that off your shoulders!

Can't wait to see the girls in their Halloween best!
Miri said…
HURRAY for your sold house!

NANOWRIMO: You invited me. It would be kinda sorta meanish if you didn't do it. No pressure though.

Looking forward to the pictures of the girls!
hokgardner said…
Congrats on the sale.

And if it makes you feel better, Ella's birthday was on the 13th, and we're having her party next week.
Anonymous said…
How great that you sold the house! So, um, hey, where are those cute kiddie pictures?! ;)
Anonymous said…
CONGRATULATIONS !!!! I am imagining how relieved I would feel only having to pay the mortgage on the house I was living in. Whew!
MadMad said…
Halloween has become the worst holiday, hasn't it? But YAY on the house! I didn't know! Congrats - and what a RELIEF!