Missing the Old Girl

Today was a truly gorgeous day here on Long Island. It was sunny and mild and I don't even care if it was a Spring Tease, I was bound and determined to get my hands into some dirt. I planted some lettuce and my strawberry plants and...okay, some flowers that may die a slow lingering death by almost-frost... It was lovely. Last year, I was so impressed by the fervor with which Long Islanders embrace Spring. THIS year, having weathered the long winter, I have a whole new understanding.

So, I planted. And at some point I realized that I had both of my garden gloves from last year, despite the fact that I'd left them carelessly on the back steps.

It made me sad.

You see, my old dog Sydney, who died right before Thanksgiving, always stole one of my gloves when I left them lying about. Not just ANY old glove, either--always the right-handed glove. At one point, I had about sixteen gloves --all left-handed. I guess since I'm right-handed, my right glove must have smelled more like me or something. But she would steal the right one and then chew it and bury it...I was always finding the remains. It made me laugh, if only in exasperation.

Gosh, I still miss her so much.

So, I was pretty amazed when Coop came home, gave me a hug and said, "I think it's time to look for a puppy."

And I said, "Okay."


MadMad said…
A puppy?! Ay. (The glove story made me laugh - my dog steals my slippers every time I leave the house. And hides them in different rooms. It's purely to piss me off, I'm pretty sure.)
Sweet post. It made me cry. Good luck picking a puppy! I mean, the family negotiations could get intense. I'm just glad that my kid chose the last dog. The little Shih-tzu I would never have picked has turned out to be great. And despite the small cranium suggesting a small brain, he had the niceties of outdoor toileting down in one week flat. Go figure.
kim said…
Oh, I know that feeling... I still miss my best girl after six years. If that Coop isn't the sweetest and most sensitive man evah(!), then, I don't know who is. A new puppy - ah!!!
Mrs.Q said…
Sometimes I still think I see my old Puck cat out of the corner of my eye, and he's been gone almost 2 years.

Your husband is a wise man.
otter said…
That is going to be one lucky puppy!
The Dister said…
Don't forget what happened last time Coop went "puppy shopping".

Unknown said…
:-) I'm crying and I understand completely.
Tiny Tyrant said…
Aww hugs honey.

My Herky cat has been gone 24 years( OMG) and I still miss him so much. He was the best cat.

Good luck with the puppy hunt. Cannot WAIT to see the new addition.

We shall remind you lovingly of this post once you end up with a holey terror of a mutt. :-)