Lest you think that all is deep and Zen here at the Cooper Clubhouse, I would like to reassure you that, in direct response to my existential crisis, my latent ability to hula hoop has resurfaced. It only comes around once a decade or so.

I would post a video (because, why, yes, I have no pride) but it is impossible to hula hoop AND film oneself hula hooping. Plus, you know, it is a very, very, very scary visual.


Mary Ellen said…
I would totally LOVE to see you hula-hooping. Especially since I have never been able to do it, even when I was a kid, and have always wanted to!
Tiny Tyrant said…
Get one of the girls to video you doing it.

This I gotta see.

I won the hula hoop contest at camp in high school. 20+ minutes straight. Beat out the choir director's daughter. Bwahahaha
The Dister said…
Oh come on...set the camera up on the table or something.

I think I might actually pay to watch that video.

Karen said…
I'm with the group. Surely you can figure out a way to get a video of this - for this we must see.

I can hula the hoop about 4 times before it falls. Or maybe I have the gift once every ten years like you, but I unknowingly make my attempts in years 1-9.

Be proud!
Unknown said…
i never could do it, but I could kill on one of those lemon attached to the ankle skipping thingies
smalltownme said…
Last week I was entertained by a young boy who could hula hoop and hopscotch at the same time. I was amazed.
Philo said…
There are lots of great hooping videos on