Well, it made ME laugh

Here is a YouTube video that I shamelessly stole from a blog called Dark Side of the Fridge that I happened on today. I'd never been to this blog before so I clicked around and just happened to watch this video.

Which made me laugh so hard that Jane (8) came running out to see what was so funny. (My kids, fresh off our Spring Break, are now having half days so the parents can attend teacher conferences. Don't get me started...)

Anyway, Jane watched the video with me and I said, "Wasn't that hilarious?"

And she said, "I think it might be funnier if I was a grown up."


YEAH, Toast!


So, one of the fund-raisers at Ana's school involves parents buying gift cards to stores they normally frequent anyway. It's a great thing because you spend money that you would normally spend say, at the grocery store anyway, but a percentage of it gets kicked back to the school. The school makes money and we're not out of pocket anything --win-win.

Unless you lose the cards, that is.

I bought cards before the Winter Break in February but on the day they were delivered, my husband picked the girls up early from school to take them skiing. I never received the cards and started a full-scale hunt to find them. My friend Sharon searched the school office. The PTA Co-President sent several e-mails to everyone around. Nothing.

I, in my Southern I-don't-want-to-be-pushy kind of way, let the matter drop for several months and then I sent another slew of notes around.

And then it occurred to me to ask my husband if they'd been given to him on the day he took the girls skiing.

Oh, yes, they had.

OOOOOO-KEY, then. So, while I had the world looking for the gift cards, my husband had actually received them. And what's even better? He had taken MY VAN on the ski trip and had lovingly put them in the glove compartment. The entire time I had the world looking for the cards that had actually been given to my husband, I was driving around with them in my glove compartment.

And people wonder why we don't have more children. Clearly, we do such a stellar job keeping up with things.


Unknown said…
Dunno, Barb. Made me snort!
Mary Ellen said…
I thought the toast thing was funny. Especially Texas toast. Hee.

And, don't take this the wrong way, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who does things like drive around with gift cards in my glove box...
Barb Matijevich said…
Okay, now I dare y'all to STOP wanting to yell "YEAH, TOAST!" at the top of your lungs. I've created several monsters around here...
Stefanie said…
I thought it was hilarious!! FRENCH TOAST! (Yeah Toast!!)

Now I know what I'm eating for lunch.
That's why you needed more kids - the more you have, the less people expect of you.
Miri said…
One of my girls said "toast" before "mama" or even "dada." I think the video just made it all better.
That video is surreal. I bet my teens wouldn't get it, though.
MadMad said…
Oh, we used to have that card thingy here, too. But all the parents used to lose them, and unlike you, complained. A lot. So we don't have it any more. In any case, you're not alone in losing them - just in being polite about it!
Mrs.Q said…
As a Canuck, I especially appreciated the eloquent French verse. Mais oui!
Unknown said…
YEAH TOAST!!!! that was hilarious
Tiny Tyrant said…
Okay funny about the gift cards.

And I just found the set of keys I've been looking for for the past year in the pocket behind the driver's seat in my husband's truck.