O, The Humiliation of Being Me

Okay, okay.

I am embarrassed to show y'all this video of me hula hooping but you guys demanded it and, well, apparently I have no pride. And also, no life.

Videography by Ana Cooper

I should explain to you all (because I know it's not readily apparent) that I am still dieting and I am exercising. I've been trying really hard since March 6th and so far, I've lost a whopping seven whole pounds. Which I had to beat off of my body with a crow bar. If I'd shown the kind of discipline I've had for the past two months at any other time in my life, I could have RULED THE WORLD. I hate my metabolism in my forties. (Should it even exist, which I doubt.)

And here is my daughter Jane (8) showing us all how it's REALLY done. (She wanted to put this on her OWN blog but I am sneaking it in here so that the last visual you have in your brain is not of me hula-hooping, especially if you're going out to dinner or something.

Videography (and big voice) by Ana Cooper.


Menopausal metabolism is slower than a turtle in molasses.
MadMad said…
OK. I'm dizzy. But very impressed.
Karen said…
I found myself rocking back and forth as I watched! Her hulas were faster but yours had more style :-)

Susan said…
Love the hips and the yard!
Mrs.Q said…
Your kids rawk.

They must get it from their mother.
Mary Ellen said…
I am very impressed. With both of you. I liked the commentary (directional hula-hooping?) and you both showed skill AND style.

Alas, it is a skill I lack.
Bullwinkle said…

Every year, at the gym at work (excellent place for a gym) they have a competition (a.k.a. incentive program). One of the challenges is hula hoop. Most people last 2 or 3 seconds. I think I'm up to 2 minutes - after years of once-a-year practice.

There's two women who have a face off - every year. Over an hour. 60 min of hula hooping. Its insane. (And wildly popular.)

All for a $25 dollar gift certificate to some big store.
I couldn't hula hoop when I was young and trim. I sure can't do it now. You have my admiration and my sincerest wish that the limbo demonstration is only weeks away :)
The Dister said…
O.K. - my cheques in the mail.
Miri said…
Well it's clear to me that this is a multigenerational GIFT in your family. Love it!
Unknown said…
stunt sniffing performed by Scout Cooper
LaDonna said…
Wow, I'm so impressed...with both of you! I never could figure out how to do that, but my daughter Marissa (9) has gotten so good she won a hula hoop contest at school. I am so jealous cuz it's great exercise!
Ann in NJ said…
Hula Hoop is EXCELLENT for those core muscles that so many of us have trouble with.

I can't do it at all.
kim said…
OMG! I almost fell off my pogo stick trying to watch that! (That's Jim's joke. He's sitting next to me and said, "Do you actually know this person?" Indeed I do!). Great Hula Hooping!