And the evening after the morning after the morning after

Or, if I were sane, Thursday evening.

I had a terrible, retching, wished I were dead migraine today. It occurred to me, while I was lying there not sleeping and trying not to cry, that I hadn't had one in about ten weeks or so, which is an amazing feat for me, especially considering that I quit my job, made it through two production weeks and the entire end-of-school debacle, did six weeks of crutches and had absolutely NO exercise. I think the difference is that I was taking this kind of gross but awesomely effective nutritional supplement in order to speed my healing along. I quit taking it a week or so ago and BOOM, lost yet another day to the Great Curse. I will be taking the nutritional supplement again now, you betcha, and I'll let you know if it's the great migraine cure. (Plus, you should see my fingernails --they are so strong, I can barely clip them short. I bet I also have a nice glossy coat.)

Honestly, getting migraines is the single biggest price I have paid for having children. They defy description --unless you suffer from migraines yourself, there is just no way I can make you understand what they are like, even with my own rather large talent for gross exaggeration.

One of the worst parts is that while you are sitting there with a socket wrench shoved through your sinus cavity so that the slightest movement threatens to make your brain leak out of your ears, you cannot sleep. Isn't that awful? I often think, "If I could just fall asleep, I could shake this thing." But there is no sleep to be had so I lie there, trying not to move until my hands fall asleep and my calf muscles cramp and I HAVE to move, which makes me have to dash to the bathroom, throw up and start the whole lying still cycle over again.

It's not pleasant.

And yes, I have the Big Drugs. But they don't always work. Like today.


Anonymous said…
Oh god that sounds bloody awful. You poor thing. Do you know what causes them? What did you eat that you haven't had in ten weeks?

Socket wrench shoved in your sinus cavity... ouch.
Anonymous said…
Both of my daughters get migraines and I know how awful they report them to be. And my older daughter has three children, which makes it more difficult to be out of commission. SO,here's a topic to distract you a bit, maybe. My sister recently sent me a bunch of old (50 yrs and older) knitting books-funny styles of sweaters, funny hairdos, but one calls for Non-Inflammable needles and crochet hooks. Maybe one of your readers will know when in history knitting needles burst into flames and knitters had to be warned to use "non-inflammable" ones. Knitting apparently wasn't for the timid back then.
I hope the migraine is history and your cure works!
Anonymous said…
When I had migraines, I found that magnesium would make them go away. Down side is that too much magnesium can cause loose bowels. However, I'll take the squirts over a migraine any day. Haven't had one for years now, but I still travel with a bottle of magnesium oxide.
HTH, aj