May 25, 2007

I know it says an earlier date up at the top. Because one of the charming things about this Blogger deal is that it publishes the date you STARTED the post and not the date that you actually, um, posted it. [*Editor's Note: Thanks to Becky for telling me how to change the date on my posts!] Clearly, the folks at Blogger do not understand Production Week.

For it was indeed Production Week on the magazine and it went so smoothly that I am completely sure I'd missed something really big. Like, I've gotten the month or the year wrong or misspelled magazine or something. Since this is my last issue as Editor, I want it to be perfect, naturally.

They never are perfect, though. They are all Navajo quilts.

But anyway, work went very smoothly and my children stayed healthy for the last week of school. When I stepped on the scale this morning, I'd unexpectedly lost two pounds. I put together a scrapbook for my favorite third grade teacher ever and all but two of the students got their pages back to me. I also collected enough money to send this wonderful woman to a half day at the spa.

So, I have no idea why I'm so crabby. I guess it's just a lot of change all at once and maybe there's something about being an ex-army brat. Each change is a good-bye, of sorts. And it's hard to say goodbye to the people at Austin Family, especially to Kaye, my boss and the Publisher. She's what we in the South call, "Good People."

Naturally, too, I am beset by second thoughts over quitting because I am scared to death that I won't ever get another job where someone will actually PAY me to write and that no one will ever read my work again except in this blog and therefore, I will never realize my dream of finding my books in Half-Price Books. (I look every single time I'm there, although I am somewhat hampered by the fact that I have no idea what they'd categorize my lone book as...) I want to find three or four of my (as yet unwritten and therefore, unpublished) books in there and to know that someone read my stuff and then took them to Half Price Books where they made at least fifty cents per book so they could by something else.

I'm sure this bad mood has nothing to do with the fact that my husband and I are having a big honkin' argument slight disagreement over our Memorial Day Party. We always have a big fight some slight tension at this time of year because, as we all know, May is the new December in terms of stressful months that involve our children and our schedules and the entire world expecting more of us than we can possibly deliver. Add into that my immobility due to my foot surgery and the fact that my husband is trying to train for the triathlon he will run on Memorial Day and we react like all people under seige: we totally take our stress out on each other. After all, we've got to have SOMETHING to talk to our therapist about.

I'm also sure that my bad mood has nothing to do with the fact that my kids got out of school for the summer today, and the weather forecast calls for rain and more rain through Tuesday.


Becky G said…
You can decide which date appears on your posts. Just change the post date in the post options before you publish it. (The link below your typing box and to the left is the post options--click on it and the date changing thing will appear.)