Mother's Day Morning 2007 --a pictorial

I'm a big sucker for Mother's Day. At least Mother's Day morning. It's the greatest example of those small things that make motherhood so funny and kids so endearing.

First, the girls TRY to let us sleep in. (This morning, we made it to 7:48 --an all-time-record, I think.) Then everyone but me went downstairs to conspire on breakfast. Jane took my "order."
I love to hear my kids working with their dad to make my breakfast in bed. They get so genuinely excited about it. And THIS morning, breakfast was truly exceptional.

It was made even more exceptional by the fact that Jane felt that the day was special enough that I could have the company of Super Polly. (Dude. This is a big honor. I'm not worthy.)

Then I opened presents and reveled in the homemade wrapping paper and the beautiful necklaces the girls had made for me. Jane also included a small tin of beads and told me to "please choose a bead." That's what this says.

Coop managed to surprise me with another present, even though he'd already given me a new bike, for goodness sake. (See, he does stuff like that and then when it comes time for Father's Day, I give him a big round metal circle that neither one of us can remember ever wanting. Or knowing what it is.) (It was a thing you put under the smoker to keep from setting the deck on fire. This was sorely needed and I had carefully written down the model number and ordered it far in advance. So far in advance that I forgot what it was. Is that a problem?) He framed the two covers of Austin Family on which the girls appeared, as a nice memento of my job.

He also does this thing where he gives me a Starbucks gift card from the pets. (I love me some Starbucks.) He always attaches a card signed by the pets, which cracks me up. (Of course, this year, Ana said, "I thought Sydney usually signs in cursive." Dad: "Sometimes it changes from one year to another.")

So then we had a few early morning power struggles and tears and now the girls are happily playing outside (well, kind of happily --in between the screaming and all) and I am sitting inside with my foot up, knitting on my newest pair of socks and occasionally refereeing and threatening time outs:

A great day so far. It's pretty good, this mom thing.