I Got Booed. And I Deserved It.

I think Life booed me. And man, I deserved it.

After yesterday's really whiny anti-Halloween consumerism post, several things happened.

First, my readers spoke. Candy wrote to tell me about her yard and how she and her husband really go all out for Halloween. Because, um, Barb? It's fun. Remember fun, Barb? And truly, her house looks totally fun, doesn't it? (Even if she did call me Halloween Grinchy Barb...)

And then Kathy told me she was surprised to hear me all grinched out and maybe I needed to just skip Halloween and go out for some Roast Beast. (I can't think of a good come-back which is just so infuriating. I know I'll think of it after I hit the "Publish Post" button. Right now I'm just going, "Oh, yeah? Oh, YEAH? Oh. Yeah. Right.")

And then my neighbor called --the one who lost her son in a tragic car accident this past August? She called to tell me that they just couldn't face doing Halloween this year and so they had planned an evening out. She wondered if we would mind keeping an eye on things and making sure no one burned their house down or anything.


Well, of course we wouldn't mind. But, gosh, how much would they give to be indulging in all of Halloween hype and festivities with their son right about now? Dang. Talk about putting the whole thing in perspective.

Then I took the girls to school this morning. Our school does a morning assembly every morning and I stood there and watched all of those happy kids. Oh, gosh! They were so excited. It was PRECIOUS. I saw the two little best friends in first grade wearing matching pumpkin shirts and whispering conspiratorially. I saw the "treat moms" bringing in their cupcakes and cookies. I saw the teachers grinning at each other. It was pretty infectious.

I remembered that, just as I learn this lesson every year about Christmas, it's not about keeping up with the Joneses. It's not about consumerism. It's about the kids.

Well, duh, Barb.

Happy, happy, spooky, inflatable, tacky, silly, excessive Halloween, everyone. Hug your kids, if you got 'em.

And BOO.


Anonymous said…
Well, don't be too hard on yourself. Everybody has a right to "grinch out" once in a while.

I have to share a story...we can call it the "Halloween Spirit" and maybe I'll post more details on my blog but last night, Jessie was quite upset because, to make a long story short, she has to bring all her costume stuff to school and get ready in the bathroom without any mirrors (!!) after lunch. So I told her that daddy could come and get her and bring her home quickly so she could get changed there and then bring her back to school. She said "He could??!!! That would be great!....Oh wait, then Avalon won't have anyone to help her with her costume and makeup...I better stay so I can help her." I said "You're a really good friend, Jessie" and she said "So is Avalon".

Isn't that the best!!!??
Anonymous said…
we just loved Halloween when we were kids - never had much in the costume dept, just sheet ghosts and crappy clothes for hobos - I remember borrowing my neighbor's train engineer hat and coat to wear one year. Once just the dad's shirt from art class (remember those?) that had paint and stuff on it and went as an artist.
Does anyone do UNICEF - little orange boxes - trick-or-treating anymore? We were proud to collect to help poor children.


what fun we had
No, Barb - give yourself a break. I feel the same way sometimes. A little overloaded, and "Why can't things be simple?" and just so pressured because everyone seems to be doing so much more and having more fun and where the heck do they find the time anyway? It can get to be a bit much at times. Wait'll you see (I mean, read) me pulling my hair out in December. I hate December.
Lynda said…
All of this going overboard and everything makes me glad that
1. We live on a truck
2. My kid doesn't expect it because see #1

We stopped at a truckstop for dinner tonight and the waitress felt sorry for our son and gave him a small bag of treats because he wouldn't get to trick or treat. And you know what, that was sweet and everything and we don't have to deal with massive amounts of candy. Isn't that the best!!!
Leanne said…
I get it. Halloween is stressful, and it's not always fun. But yep, we are very very lucky to have all we do and be able to share it with our kids. But I'm with you, I'd love to just calm it down a bit...
I defend your original stand. I just looked at the receipt for all the candy I bought - and did you notice that the candy is now child bite-size? They can barely fit a peanut in the Snickers they are so tiny. What's the point?
MadMad said…
Now just a minute, here. There is really no need for you to apologize or - worse! - feel guilty over being overwhelmed by one more holiday that you have to take care of so your kids will be happy. Sure, they love it. But they love everything, and when does it end? With you sorting decorations in the basement, covered in pumpkin goop and stressing because you don't have time to print out the Boo thingy and drive to someone's house to steathily leave it on their doorstep because you have a soccer game and moon-charting homework.

Just sayin'.
Candy said…
You are allowed to like and not like. I hate how Christmas is this big "spend spend spend" holiday. We go out like crazy people for Halloween because we love it, not because we feel like we HAVE to buy candy or we HAVE to decorate or we HAVE to do this or that. It truly, for us, is just about being totally nuts for just one a year. The kids come along for the ride (they think we are crazy too)!

'Course I don't hardly do anything if I HAVE to do it. I do it because I wanna. (Well besides work ;)