Whoops, She Did It Again

Jane (8) wrote her letter to Santa today, which turned into QUITE the manifesto because she decided to include letters from our pets as well. (Click to enlarge and read or read my translation under each letter.)

Dear Santa, Thank you for the nice presents you gave me last year. I wanted to thank you for ALL the presents you gave me for whole 8 years before I tell you what I want for my 8th Christmas. I love everything you give me, for every Christmas. I am going to be honest now: I've been a little bit bad this year, especially to Ana. I apologise. I just forgot this time of year was coming. I really enjoy you coming every year. Not like last year, please don't come while my parents are up. I want it to be a surprise for THEM, too.
(I have no idea why she says that but with Jane, as she says, "I have a memory like a hawk.")


You are so jolly. Thank you for making this time of year extra special, special, special. Sincerely, yours truly, Jane Cooper.
PS: On my list all the pets will write what THEY want. Okay?
(Jane's list starts on the next page.)

This year I want...
1. The Unicorn Webkinz
2. The koala Webkinz
3. the Lil Kinz Poodle
Note: PS: Do they have a bear Webkinz? If so, that's number 4
5.(Warning: this one is pricey...) A Barbie Dream House
6. (So is this one:) A Polly Dream House
7. A Rock Collection box with bonus rock
8. The kangaroo Webkinz
9. A NEW lunch box
10. 96 Crayola Crayons
11. Are squeeze-a-burps real, like in Junie B Jones? If so, can I have one?

Thank you!!!!!

Thomas' list (Jane wrote this in Thomas' language but I'm translating.)
This year, I want 1. cat food, 2. Another kitty to play with 3. A cat nip mouse 4. (This is for Jane) A Barbie Stylin' Girl 5. For Ana to leave me alone 6. Jane only one pet me.(Why, no, my children don't compete about every single thing on this planet, why do you ask?)

Scout's One Item List: I want TENNIS BALLS! Edward's list: 1. Markers 2. A kitty house/gym 3. To have my very own bed 4. A pet door 5. A jingly rolling ball 6. A new food bowl 7. A litter box

(For those of you new to the blog, we have an ancient dog named Sydney for whom we are basically running a hospice care house.) Sydney's List: This year, please give me
1. A quiet peaceful home
2. to live longer
3. love
4. a walking stick
5. no more heart attacks !!!!
6. No cold baths
7. Peace in this house
8. A frame that says, "Bless this House"
9. An iron bead dog that looks like me!
10. Peace on Earth when I'm gone

Thank you,

Yeah, I know. Made me cry, too.


DK said…
With bonus rock! HA! That induced such a coughing fit, but, it was so worth it.

Syd's list...ohh....

And I think she has Scout in a nutshell (or nutcase, as it were), there.

Sweet Jane.....
absolutelytrue said…
"10. 96 Crayola Crayons"

C'mon Santa!

I totally love these lists. And the fact that she's thoughtful enough to write lists for the pets, AND that she only squeezes in a couple of things for herself in them.

She's precious. I hope that Walter will write letters to me and to Santa, maybe starting next year.

I'll ask Santa for that this year.

1. Letters from Walter. Like Barb gets from Jane.
Anonymous said…
Omg!!! She is adorable!!! I loved all her lists!!!

Anonymous said…
These lists are so cute! I think it's adorable that the pets also wrote letters. I'm sure Santa will get a kick out of it.

Very sweet.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely adorable. I'd squeeze her if she was in front of me.
Kathy Ireland said…
Very thoughtful list. And just in case Santa doesn't know - there IS a bear Webkinz - a polar bear AND a brown bear.
MadMad said…
OK. That is the cutest thing, ever.
LaDonna said…
OK, you really must give a kleenex warning the next time you post something like that! My job involves me working with a team of 15 GUYS, none of whome understand why a woman would sit at her desk and blubber over a blog post. HA! (Please pass the tissues)

I don't know what made me cry harder, the thought of "Peace on Earth after" Syd is gone, or the thought of what was going through sweet Jane's head when she wrote that. Bless them both!

(And after that, I think Santa can forgive her for being "a little bad".)
Unknown said…
OH, I can't cry at work, I must stop.
Mimi a Houston said…
I love it when we get to read your daughter's letters. They are so precious! I just love Sydney's letter.