Piano Recital

Ana and Jane had their piano recital last night. I, the unbiased mother, think they did an amazing job, especially considering that they've only been taking lessons since June.

Here's Ana:

Here's Jane, who played her pieces the best she's ever played them. Which is noteworthy because she refuses to practice and I had no idea if she even KNEW her pieces.

And here is how Jane waits patiently for the other students to finish.


TheOneTrueSue said…
tee hee, I love the video of your daughter waiting. Piano recitals are very, very, very hard to sit through. You love hearing YOUR kid, but listening to everyone else's kid butcher various pieces of music? Not so much.

We have our first recital in January. Pray for us ;>
I'm with sue - I'm such a bad mommy, recitals are torture.
Lynn said…
Something any mother can relate to! Tonight we have the Madrigal Dinner. LittleBit has borrowed her sister's Renaissance costume, and I get to sit and eat oversalted party food and listen to some great music.

Thankfully, by the time Jane is a senior like LittleBit, she will have learned how to sit still and feign attention, or she will have become more subtle. [Maybe she'll have taken up knitting like her mother?]

Ana is *nine*? She plays better than I do!

Amen to Sue and Suburbancorrespondent. I am *so* taking my sock to the dinner and concert tonight, for when my kid is not singing.
DK said…
Wow, they did great! I'm so impresed that Ana did a cross-hand piece. And I like how Jane added her own little syncopation to "Jingle Bells".

My poor parents. I was in band, and orchestra, and choir, from like, 3rd grade through college. And then I added madrigals when I was in high school. And I took piano for a little while. And twice a year my high school would have these three+ hour "Festivals" (which the students referred to as "Mass Mess") where allllllll the music groups in the whole school would perform. And for the first couple of years they'd come, and dutifully sit through the whole thing, and once even made my grandfather come along. But by my senior year they were like, yeah, you don't mind if we miss this one, right? I minded mostly that *I* couldn't miss it, too. Even though I was in like 30 or 40% of the performances, it was soooo tedious waiting for everyone else to do their schtick. My high school friends and I still occasionally complain about Mass Mess, and we graduated over ten years ago...
Ei said…
Elyas and I both enjoyed all three videos, but he giggled madly watching Jane wait for her turn. Sure, he laughs. (my eyes are just rolling a little bit right now.)
MadMad said…
Oh, they did great! Ours was yesterday, too, but (thankfully?) not as big a crowd!