So, the Painter is Gone for the Day

I love him.

No, seriously. We've bonded.

This might have something to do with the fact that I paid him in cash. But I prefer to think that he just... I don't know, is a good guy. He does an honest job's work, that's for sure. And he's so reasonably priced. I love him. If he shows up tomorrow, I will be so incredibly happy because it will prove that some people have integrity and will do good work for a fair price.

My house looks better than it ever did. I am alternately proud and really angry that we didn't do this years ago. You know, BEFORE we were moving.

On that front, there were so many other things wrong with the Great Backyard House that even my husband, who really loves him some good back yard, said it was too much to do. So, it's no longer on the short list of properties.

However, the McMansion? Looking better and better. If we buy it, will y'all promise not to make fun of me? Because, if I may be blunt, buying a house that doesn't NEED anything sounds really pretty good right now. I mean, I'm not sure I can live with that wall paper but that sounds a lot better than replacing a boiler (whatever that is) and installing air-conditioning. And redoing the cedar shingles. And the substandard plumbing.

Plus, it's in the school district that looks the best to me.

The one thing that concerns me, other than the fact that it doesn't have a pool and the fact that my mom and dad will be relegated to the "maid's quarters" when they visit until we can finish out the basement, is this:

See that driveway? Coop drove up it on Thursday when it was icy and it was almost impossible to navigate. So what do we do? Just stay home and keep the kids home when it's icy? Because I don't think that's an option for Coop, although I don't think I'd mind entertaining the kids in a house that includes this kitchen (ignore the wall paper. It's not staying.):

(That's actually not the best picture but I deleted MY pictures when I thought we were buying the Cooper Non-Fun House.)

In other news, Jane Cooper is writing a story called Jane the Fish.

Here it is:

It says (well, sort of): Once upon a time, there was a fish. She was an unusual fish because she did tricks no fish had ever done. Plus, she looked different.

Her name was Jane Elizabeth Cooper. Everybody noticed her. She was sweet and kind, but people did not like her because she was...?

The mind boggles wondering why people did not like Jane the fish. It makes me wonder if HER parents, fish though they were, really hoped that she would not be a beautiful stripper.


Anonymous said…
The driveway isn't that bad. You buy a snowblower or a garden tractor with a snowblower, put down cinders and go. After a couple of winters, you won't give it a second thought.
Don't shovel the driveway. Think of the sledding!
Ei said…
I have no experience with hills like that. Snow yes...hills and also being stranded beyond them when the weather gets really bad (hey we lived 32 miles from the nearest town at the time - they don't make those kind of snow blowers). I imagine Deb is right. And of course snow tires will help.

I love the fish story and I read it all without your assistance, thank you very much! But um, stripper, wha? I missed something...
Annabanana said…
ummm, if I remember, you can park at the bottom when you expect snow/ice. But really, snow isn't that hard to drive on - ice - something else. You carry bags of kitty litter in the truck to put down for traction (it's the cheapest), you kind of float lightly and wing it on the ice. At least, that's how I remember it.
I'm glad the memory is faint, but I know you're going to love it! McMansion looks like a winner, but maybe one more little trip to be sure?
Barb Matijevich said…
Oh, Ei, I guess I posted this thiking that EVERYONE knew that we, the parents of Jane Cooper, really hope she won't decide to become a stripper. Coop says our entire job in parenting Jane is to "keep her off the pole."

Barb Matijevich said…
PS. I've apparently given up spell check for the rest of the year.

hokgardner said…
What's wrong with that wallpaper???
Barb Matijevich said…
I hate wall paper. All wallpaper. The wallpaper in the half-bath shows people riding animals. It is. Beyond. Hideous.

These people were really INTO wallpaper. All of it together makes me think I'm in some sort of crazed pattern nightmare--you have those, too, right?

I predict...another house will appear. That will be perfect.
DK said…
Three words: Four Wheel Drive.

No, seriously, you'll salt. You'll own a snowblower. Coop wil get up at cold, ungodly hours to blow the snow and clear the driveway before everyone has to go to work/school, and swear a lot, especially when the blades jam on the newspaper at the end of the driveway. You'll occasionally slip and fall on your tukas and swear a lot and then throw down some more salt. You'll curse at the city plows that come down your street and leave a foot of snow at the end of your driveway just after you finish clearing it. Scout will run along the side of the driveway and snap at the snow plume billowing from the snowblower. You'll occasionally throw snow all over your neighbor's car/house/driveway when you clear that side of the driveway, and feel a little bad but also chucle a little on the inside. You'll undoubtedly throw snow all over your house, too. You'll wake up to the symphony of gas-powered engines and sputtering blades all over the neighborhood. You'll occasionally ignore the diveway on a weekend and hope it will melt with the heat of the sun. Once in a while you'll plow your neighbor's driveway, just because you're feeling charitable and you know they're old/busy/kind.

It's what people with driveways do in places where it snows. It's all part of the loveliness of winter.
Ei said…
Ah I see. And mine is to keep my eldest out of the WWE.

And no...not salt...NO SALT. Snow melt! Salt eats holes in your concrete and you'll end up patching and listening to Coop swear all summer about the snow too. Not what you want to do. (I have some experience with this).
Mokihana said…
Blogger ate my comment!! Argghhh!

Our driveway is far longer and steeper than that, and when it's icy, it's just too dangerous to even attempt to drive down it. When we get ice storms here, most people stay home because it's so bad.

If the snow is really deep and we can't make it up or down, we park at the bottom of the driveway and use studded tires (which we only put on if Arctic weather is on the way with big threat of snow).


Send hubby out to shovel two tire tracks down the driveway and put salt all the way down them. DH used to do that. Now we just stay home.

Get an attachment for a riding lawnmower that will scrape off the ice/snow.

Spread salt all over it, or even kitty litter.

When it's snowing, lots of people here use studded tires. They have gotten us up our driveway when there was no way regular tires could have done it.

Do what they do at Lake Tahoe: Heat your driveway. Then it's a snap to get out! Of course, you'll skid and slide all over the other ice on the roads, but heck, you got out the driveway, didn't ya?

Get a car with front-wheel drive. That really helps.

Doncha love the way I am spending your money? Heh heh.

Stay home. Buy sleds and off you go!
I hate wallpaper too. It always looks dated approximately 57 days after you put it up.

Did you ever read the novella or short story or whatever by Somebody Chopin (Kate?) called The Yellow Wallpaper. You'll never see wallpaper the same way again, I promise.
MadMad said…
You have a plow-guy come for the driveway. Least that's what I hear. I have a plow guy, too, but he's the free kind, the kind I worry there isn't enough life insurance for, if you know what I mean. And I totally hear you on the having a house that you don't have to do anything to. That would be nice.