Very Important Announcement

Just in case you were wondering, my Christmas tree, at this very moment, is 100% blinking. All the strands of lights --every single one--blinking like mad.

This was achieved at great personal cost to my fingernails and not without some serious swearing.

My feelings of victory are indescribable.

But I remain vigilant.

And as soon as my husband brings his camera home, I'll take a video and post it. Because I know you will want to live vicariously through my blinks.

Drinks on the house!


Ei said…
You are my role model Barb Cooper!
Candy said…

See, I'm the freaking screaming "why the hell are they blinking? Make them stop! Why are they doing that? Did you put one of those red tipped things in there? Stop it, dammit!"


We should have just traded trees, I think ;)
Anonymous said…
By random selection of one of the three plastic bags containing light strings in my container of decorations I determined that all the lights on my tree this year would be green. My husband says he likes the effect. Oh - and no blinking, ever. We do not do blinking lights on trees.
Barb Matijevich said…
See, my husband LOVES blinking lights. I don't actually have a strong blink ethic but Coop does.

My thing is that I refuse to be beaten my a mechanical object. The dryer is Enough.

We had blue lights one year when Jane so decreed it.

PS: Speaking of being beaten by mechanical objects, all night tonight, whenever I've left a comment, Blogger has made me log back in. I'm seriously thinking of leaving Blogger altogether!
Leanne said…
Good for you. It's really the small things that are the important ones. :)

Me and blinking lights? Not so good together. Anything to do with lights I leave to hubby. If the lights were left to me, there'd be a flood light shining on the tree....wait, that's a seventies thing...
Tiffany said…
I suppose this would be a bad time to bring up your history with Christmas lights?
Tenna Draper said…
Barb: on your foot--had a girlfriend who had a foot injury--they set her foot, and it healed, a few weeks later, she's got something literally "needling" her inside her shoes...she checked the shoes (and socks--could have been hay), then checked her foot...hmmm. little pointy thing in there just under the skin--she could feel it--
had to have another surgery to have it removed, apparently, the bone had splintered, and the splinter had finally worked it's way down, and was coming out of the bottom of her foot! She had to have surgery again to have it removed.

So give yourself a good foot rub, and feel for something pointy, then have a bone specialist take another look at your foot when it's under stress. Out of the shoe or off your feet might not make a stress fracture or a greenstick visible on an x-ray.

Not that I'm any sort of doctor, but perhaps give some other avenues.

On the other hand...what if it's arthritis?
DK said…
I totally love that you now have a label entitled "blink-o-meter".