Extreme Sports

Today I arose with new resolve to really, finally, I'm not kidding this time, start my freaking new Lifestyle (that's for you LaDonna) by beginning my Weight Watchers program. How do I know I'm serious this time?

Well, for one thing, I measured my fat-free half-and-half before I added it to my coffee. One point--go, ME!

For another thing, I decided that I must incorporate some exercise into my daily routine. I had a bit of a moral battle here because what I really wanted to do was cast-on another pair of socks because Jane's socks that I've been working on are nearly completed (still down to the wire as to if I'm going to have enough yarn or not.)

If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you know that I seem to have some sort of aversion to asking the people at the yarn shop to wind my yarn into balls for me. I don't know why this is --I mean, if you are paying $12 a skein, it should come with ball winding, right? I think it's because I'm afraid I don't look like a serious knitter. Because, really, what serious knitter doesn't have her own ball winder? And, you know, I could buy one but I'm trying not to add to the crap--er--necessities I'm going to have to pay someone to move in a few weeks.

Then I was struck by a brilliant idea! Dudes, I could meld the concepts of exercise and ball-winding together! Not only would I get some exercise AND get my skein of yarn wound but I would also be performing a public service for those people who come to read about knitting on my blog and lately have had to slog through pages and pages of moving angst.

I so totally rule.

I dressed in my Elmo t-shirt and borrowed a hair thingy from Jane. Because I felt the need to dress up a bit if I'm going to be looked at online while exercising. Plus, you know, what if this goes VIRAL and I have all these strangers coming to look at my depiction of my fantastic new idea? I thought about putting on some make-up but decided it wouldn't look near authentic enough. (Not to mention that y'all wouldn't recognize me.)

And I commenced to winding.

The idea is to lie on your back with your feet in the air, holding your skein of yarn taut around your ankles while raising each time you need to undo another round. Sit-ups!

And lift and lift. Breathe now. Don't forget to breathe!

Look! If you do it correctly, you can even reach for your toes and work your obliques!

How smart am I??

Apparently, not quite smart enough to put the dogs out first.

Oh well, that kind of laughter is good for the abs, too.

(Thanks to Coop for being photographer. And for putting the camera down when Scout stepped on my face.)


Anonymous said…
Oh my god...I am absolutely dying! You kill me.
If you come up with some idea of how I can stamp Jessica's birthday invitations and work my triceps at the same time, would y'all let me know.
LaDonna said…
BARB!!! You DO rule, girl!!! I love love LOVE it!! Hmmm....now to figure out the activity points for that. Hee! Go Barb!
Gosh, sure beats my idea of knitting while on the exercise bike (the cupholder makes a fantastic yarn receptacle)...

And you don't look like you need to lose weight, if that is any comfort to you.

Thanks for mentioning that Coop took the photos. Before I read that, I was mentally berating myself that here was yet another tech-savvy thing I didn't know how to do: take photos of myself.
Stefanie said…
Dude, I'm going to have to try that!!! You are brilliant.
hokgardner said…
Man, and I went and bought myself a swift and ballwinder with my christmas money. I could've been doing ab work!
Anonymous said…
I just snorted my coffee out through my nose. Fortunately my quick fire reflexes kicked in and I was able to aim away from the keyboard.

You crack me up.
Anonymous said…
As much as I admire your committment to health and fitness, damn I'm glad I have a swift. ;o)
Ei said…
You are so freaking funny. Here I thought lack of motivation was my exercise problem. The problem is I don't knit! Ah! (smacking my forehead)
MadMad said…
You gotta submit that to Yarnival!
DK said…
That? Is awesome.
Anonymous said…
Okay, that cracked me up. Oh, and don't bother with WW - get yourself some ClaritinD. Make sure it says "D" - speeds up your metabolism like nobody's business. I lost 7 lbs this Summer, and I still eat chips! I've never been more excited or hyper. :)