Off To A Roaring Start

So, um, it's TUESDAY of the first week that my husband is commuting to New York and so far, my older daughter has broken her collar bone and just now when I took the dogs out to run in the woods behind our house, they both ran away.

Unfortunately, Scout came back.


Come on, you love Scout!

But how did Ana break her collarbone? Yikes!
hokgardner said…
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Ana! Anything I can do to help since I'm local? Bring you a dinner or something?
Candy said…
Poor Ana! How'd that happen? Poor mom!
Damsel said…
Oh, no!! What happened with Ana? I'm so sorry!!
Ei said…
Dammit, I KNEW you'd been too quiet for comfort. What's up with Ana (spelled correctly!)? And please tell me that Sydney also returned?

I know you are tired after a couple of days like this without Coop no less, but don't leave us hanging! I would never have pegged you for being a tease.
Stefanie said…
And broke her collarbone?!

Yarn has ultimate healing qualities. Quick! Put your stash in her room!!