Gosh, You Guys Are Wonderful!

I've worried my friends. All of you --my readers and real-life friends and friends whom I only know via cyberspace conversations.

I am sorry. Just... you know... It always comes as such a shock to me to find out that I'm NOT superhuman after all. I mean, I KNOW that, but I usually think that if I am just dogged enough, I can get through anything without losing my mind. Joke's on me, I guess, because I was wrong about that.

I'm sorry. I really am okay. I just succumbed to the stress of life--our impending move to New York, my daughter breaking her collar bone, my husband's commute to NY each week, getting the house ready to sell and the fact that I am really, REALLY sucking at Weight Watchers during my first two weeks (I've lost 1.6 pounds. Woo-freaking-hoo.) by having a little Blog Breakdown.

I didn't really realize how bad I was sounding until people started expressing their deep concern.

One of my very best friends, the Bloghore, posted a whole blog posted about me, called The Mermaid's Purse. It is just the nicest post, not only because of her very evident concern for my (mental) health and her frustration at being so far away, but also, because she had this great idea for something to do with my book. You just have to read it to really appreciate how completely she understands my work. But don't click anywhere to buy one of my books because we've taken them all to off-site storage. (I might have a few around here somewhere but the way things are looking, I won't find them until we move.)

I'm really doing okay. But your support...

You guys are...

I am so grateful. Thank you.

Anyway, things are moving right along. I'm trying to find all the old pictures of my house so I can show them to you and then take some new pictures so you can see how things are different now. Because it will make you laugh. I've been doing the part of what everyone on HGTV calls "staging" now that we've decluttered so that you can actually see the floor in almost all of my rooms. I am NOT a natural at this but I took some advice from a good friend and set up these little conversation areas all over the decks around my house. When the painter got here today to do the last touching up (after which he gave me a big hug --clearly y'all were not the only ones worried about my stability) he BURST out laughing when he saw what I'd done.

Like this little arrangement on our upstairs deck:

In the seven and a half years we've lived in this house, we've NEVER sat outside on this deck. Because in the summer, we have mosquitoes the size of meteors and there is no way to sit outside without haz-mat suits unless you're up to your neck in the hot tub. So, that's what we always did, even in the winter. But on Saturday night, after I'd put this little number together, my husband and I sat outside on the upstairs deck and had a glass of wine. It was awesome and I wish we'd been doing this all along.

That's the thing --the sheer waste of time living with things that are hideous and don't bring any joy because you ... just forget to change them. You know what makes me the maddest? Look at this:
See that light fixture? It cost... are you ready?... ELEVEN DOLLARS. And we'd lived with this disgusting brass and flowery ornate thing that didn't even shed a good LIGHT for seven plus years!

Here's Ana's room:

Not too long ago, it looked like this.

Okay, okay, more in a little while. The Realtor just called and wants to show the house in ten minutes! Ack!


DK said…
Wow, the place looks fabulous! Here's hoping the showing is a good nibble.

And, you, as always, are also fabulous. Mwah, sweetie. You know we're always on your side.
Ei said…
You know you are teaching me a very good lesson about making where I am right now someplace that I want to be. You rock.

You did an excellent job covering up that green paint. I probably would have had a major breakdown over that myself :)

I went UP .4 lbs on week two, so cherish your .6 lb loss. Of course I plan on kicking your ass this week so loook out. :)
Trish said…
I'm glad you're feeling better!

We have been renting our house for four and a half years and if I'd known when we first moved in that we'd still be here, I would have changed all the light fittings and all the curtains that first weekend. Even if it had cost me a few hundred dollars. I'm quite sure those ugly furnishings have stripped years off my life expectancy.
House looks great, like ours did when we sold. And then I spent the first 6 months in this house wishing it were as clutter-free as our other house was when it was on the market. I still want to go through with trash bags and throw everything we own out.
Bullwinkle said…
I remember a blue room and four or five coats of white to cover it. /sigh I've never used blue again. And I haven't kept the clutter out either.

What's wrong with me?? I don't have two children, a move, and a traveling husband for excuses... You amaze me.
Anonymous said…
First: Give yourself some breaks in the Weight Watchers. You have lots of stress right now, maybe you can cut yourself some slack. (And read Michael Pollen's In Defense of Food -- in a nutshell, he says, "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.")

Second: Ana's room is tres cute! And it is one of my laws in life that decks are useless, screened porches can be used at least four more months of the year than can decks. Have I ever lived in a house with a screened porch. No :-(
MadMad said…
I know, I know, I know! We did the house swap thing 2 years ago, and I kept saying, why didn't I do this before? Why did I wait? Look how great this is... Oh well. The good news is that I did (sort of) remember the lesson in the next house...
LaDonna said…
First, let me just say, congratulations on your weight loss! 1.6 pounds in two weeks is really NOT bad. WW will tell you that more than 2 pounds in a week is too fast. They'd rather you lose around a pound a week which is right where you are! Don't rush it. Sorry, holly, I'm going to disagree with you and encourage Barb to stick with it. Barb, it's not suppose to be fast and it sounds like you're doing fine!! (I weigh in tomorrow and I'm a little afraid. I've had a rough week myself!)

You really are an incredible woman, you know that? You've handled everything so well. Your small breakdown was well deserved. We all need to lose it from time to time.

Hope the house showing went well! Hugs to you, and I'll let you know how bad my weigh in goes tomorrow.
Barb Matijevich said…
I think I would have lost more weight if I had simply worked the program. The meetings are helping--because for every excuse I have, there is some positive lesson to be learned. I've been doing really well until the evening when I want a glass of wine (or eight) and then eat cheese and crackers for dinner.

But I was thinking today that better a 1.6 pound LOSS than a GAIN. And I'll just keep plugging away until maybe I lose enough to motivate and excite me. Now that most of the work is done on this house, I feel like I'll be able to focus more, you know?