Hey there! I'm Back--You Know, Well, Sort Of

I'm really sorry for having been such a whiner lately. And here I think of myself as handling things so well. I sent my Realtor a link to the post about how the OTHER realtor scared the beejeezus out of me and then I went back and reread the past month or so. I owe you guys an apology--it's not very entertaining to hear someone go on and on about paint.

When my mom was here, one of my neighbors told her that she was certainly glad that my mom was visiting, "because Barb just doesn't do very well when Coop isn't here."

I was really crabby when I heard that! I thought that was just the rudest thing. I mean, first of all, how would the neighbor KNOW? And secondly, let's not worry my poor mom who pretty reluctantly lets me keep HER girls anyway.

But I guess maybe it's got a ring of truth. And luckily, Coop is home now and has decided to work from Texas next week, so I should be all well adjusted for at LEAST ten days or so.

And I'm sorry.

In totally different news...

No wait, one more house-related thing. Look what I got to finally do today:

I planted the cyclamens that have been sitting in containers out front, calling my name. Aren't they just so beautiful? And what is it about planting something and getting your hands in dirt that brings you back to center? Well, it does ME anyway. Maybe I should forget this writing thing and become a farmer?

And NOW for something completely different. Really.

Do you know what THAT is? It's my Christmas present from my incredible baby-sitter/friend/ fellow knitting geek Stef. And it came with a note instructing me explicitly to knit a pair of socks FOR MYSELF. Which would be a first for me, actually. I give all my hand-knit socks away. But not these. First of all, it's my favorite yarn (Claudia hand-paint) and second of all, the color is called pistachio. I love it so much I'd like to mix it into ice cream.

Only I won't. Because my friend SuburbanCorrespondent (from the comments and her own hilarious blog) assures me that if one keeps about three projects on the needles, one does a LOT better at Weight Watchers. I hope I can really get going on WW this week, being as how I ate my way through a lot of stress and fright this week. (Well, okay, maybe I would have eaten like a pig all week anyway but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.) If I could just not eat all of my points before noon (I'm sort of an over-achiever that way), I think that would be a big help. Not to mention not drinking an extra six points of wine at night...sigh.


Anonymous said…
It's Mark's birthday today and your "death by chocolate" cake is cooling in the kitchen and the kids and I just came from buying streamers and balloons and funny Simpsons wrapping paper but I need more wine (I'm all out except for some ice wine - blech and some VERY expensive champagne) it's just that it's so bloody cold out...I really don't feel like walking the (all of) 10 minutes to the liquor store and I really REALLY don't feel like going and sitting in a cold car for 10 minutes until she's warm enough to put into drive....and, well..I could really use a couple of glasses. Sigh.

Have a nice weekend my friend. Happy Open House!
Stefanie said…
Oh isn't that yarn pretty?! (tosses hair proudly) I knew you would love it.

You know, it's true. Reading about how stressful your life is isn't that interesting, but you know, it's so much more real than reading how moving is a breeze and how you were so happy, and how it's so incredibly easy to pick up your life and move it somewhere else. It's real life, and that's waht blogging is about!

Knit you some socks now, Miss Barb!
There's nothing quite like realizing at 1 PM that you have 1 point left for the rest of the day. Let's see - how about an orange? Or...hmmm....2 T of ice cream? I'd go for the ice cream.
Suna Kendall said…
I think your whining has been very entertaining, as well as justified. You have had to do something really, really hard without your support system. Go knit with that nice yarn. And don't blame yourself about the shoulder thing, either. Kids will do what they will do and you may as well learn now that you can't really control them. Just keep trying.
Brendy Vaughn said…
No points for wine... that's the worst isn't it? My brother did ww for awhile and said he would run for an hour every day just so he could have beer!
LaDonna said…
Oh, I feel horrible for not reading your blog last week. Got busy and I'm catching up now, but as a fellow WW, I feel that it is part of our duty to support one another! Especially in times of need :)

Yeah, you do have to plan for those little things that you can't live without, don't you? For me, it's not wine, it's vanilla lattes (see my email addy. Heh!). I've figured out that I can get it down to 3 points by using skim milk and sugar free vanilla syrup, but still. I'm finally losing enough that my points are getting very limited. I'm going to have to start adding more activity points soon if I want to keep them.

By the way, after losing 1.6 pounds the week before, I only lost .1 pounds last week. Ugh. I guess I really do need to add those APs.