Every Day is a Gift

So, not completely satisfied with my foray into carpet care a la the Dyson Animal (which, just in case you were wondering, is my favorite household appliance ever. Ever. It even trumps the coffee maker. Well, okay, maybe not the dishwasher but shhhh!), today, I actually steam-cleaned my carpets upstairs.

It made me resort to the most emphatic phrase to which a southern woman can resort without blushing. I mean it. I cleaned the first carpet and I just... well, I couldn't hold back.

"Merciful freaking heavens!"

(Just as an aside? I'm not sure what has gotten in to me. I know I've lived in the south for a long time but I was born to European parents and I travelled overseas my whole life. Now that we've moved to New York? I find myself resorting to the mother-of-all Southern curses. I know you know which one I mean. "Bless her heart."

Southerners use this as the most damning phrase you can say about someone and suddenly, I am blessing people's heart right and left. "Oh, look at that vomitous son of Satan who just cut me off in traffic! Burn in hell, you s.o.b-word that I won't say in front of my kids! Bless your heart."

"No, I think her nose job looks totally natural and realistic. Bless her heart.")

So, anyway, the carpets are looking cleaner and I am regaining something of my equilibrium with regard to our house. We have whole rooms still in boxes, lest you think we are remotely organized, but our carpets are clean, damn it.

In other news, our geriatric dog Sydney (15) died for a short time yesterday but then, kind of, well, snapped out of it.

Coop had given her a bath outside with the hose --neither one of us thinking that the water coming out of the tap was about 30 degrees colder than the water coming out of the tap in Austin. After he'd bathed her, she started racing around, as dogs do after baths, and her heart seemed to just give out. She fell over and didn't move. Didn't get back up.

Coop was bending over her with a towel in his hand and stroking her and he looked up and met my eyes. "Get the keys to your van and get it running."

His voice... dude, for the most laid back guy in all of these United States, when he wants to be heard, he can do so without ever raising his voice.

The girls were crying but not panicking. I threw the keys to Ana and she started the van (!) while I put down the seats so Syd would be comfortable in the back. By the time we got back around to the back yard, Syd was breathing again and Coop was petting her and apologizing for frightening everyone.

It's so funny, too, because just the day before, I'd been planting some flowers and she'd sneaked in and stole an empty planter and ran it around the back yard--just like when she was a young dog. (Of course, I tried to recreate that for Coop when he got home and I threw up the planter and ran all around to get Syd wound up and she just looked at me and smiled at Coop, as if to say, "I don't know what she's doing either but she's kind of cute. Bless her heart.") She's just been in top form.

But she is OLD. And every day is a gift. I consider this a reminder to love her as much as we can, you know? Because it's coming, that end. And she'll be looking to us to ease her over.

Merciful freaking heavens. I love that dog.


Lynn said…
Sydney is 15. That makes her a teenager, as well as an oldster. Giving *you* heart failure is what teenagers do best. Glad that all of you got a reprieve this time around.
TheOneTrueSue said…
ACK! I was holding my breath - after losing your dear kitty it would be too much to lose your beloved dog. I'm so glad she's o.k.
DK said…
Ohhhh, Syd......give her a big smooch on the snout for me. Aw, baby.

As a Damn Yankee, I have so much to say on the subject of "bless her heart". But, alas, I'm already late for work...
You lived in Austin for 25 years. The truth will out. You've become a Southerner.
Anonymous said…
What an adorable face on that pooch!
hokgardner said…
I'm so glad Sydney came back to. I had already started crying.
Annabanana said…
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LaDonna said…
Oh my...I think my own heart skipped a beat for a second there. Glad to hear that Syd is hanging on! Yes, you're right, every day is such a gift.
Anonymous said…
Oh, so glad Sydney was resurrected! I had to reread that sentence a few times to make sure she wasn't permanently dead! (That sounds odd!)
Annabanana said…
Hurray Syds!!!! I can so hear Coop saying that about the van, and so happy she decided to hang in for awhile.

And oh my goodness I laughed out loud at Bless Her Heart!!! My grandmother from Alabama taught all of us how to use that, but in my family it tends to be reserved for men. And to make it REALLY bad you say "Bless his little heart."

(had to delete my earlier one to edit/repost - can't figure out how to do it otherwise!)
Memarie Lane said…
Now your dishwasher is going to revolt. You'd better go give it some love, quick!
Sarahviz said…
Awww...bless yer heart for that post.