Girls' Night Out

Friday night, Lin made me go to a Girls Night Out. Well, okay, REALLY she made me go to lunch with her and then one thing led to another and we ended up going BACK out to a Girls Night Out at one of the coolest places I have ever been. It's like the answer to a Mom's dream or something.

The place is called Delightful Dinners and the basic concept is that you go there to cook your family's dinners. I know what you're thinking--it doesn't sound much like a girls' night out, right? But get this: The equipment, the ingredients and, here's the brilliant part, the CLEAN-UP are all provided for you. You can totally pretend that you are the star of your own cooking show with your own crew to do the shopping, chopping and clean-up duties.

(Er. Um. Not that I did that or anything.)

It was heaven. And there were other women there and we all had some appetizers and wine while we were cooking. Totally awesome way to meet people, although you can also just drop in and cook and leave.

I made a Tilapia dish, and a salmon dish. I picked up some stuffed pork-chops and some balsamic-roasted asparagus and some BBQ chicken. We will eat like kings.

And it's still my cooking, mind you. I can do more garlic or less oregano or whatever but GREAT LORD ALMIGHTY I did not have to clean up or plan or chop or anything. I needed some shallots--and I had them. Right there. Already chopped. I didn't have to root through the vegetable drawer and find a shallot that was past its prime and try to resuscitate it... there it was. Someone else had peeled it and chopped it all ready for me.

Now, I have written a some length about how much I hate to grocery shop. Here, and here, and here. So, this Delightful Dinners thing takes everything I have come to hate about cooking and eliminates it. AND I got all sorts of credit for feeding my husband something besides spaghetti or pizza. (Score!)

So, here's what the Tilapia dish looked like before I cooked it:

It came with handy-dandy directions for cooking, (although it didn't tell me where I had stashed the Pam (I have one of those really deep pantry cabinets and I can never find anything in it so I basically just buy new all the time) so there was a bit of an issue with the pan later)

And here it is after it was cooked. I should have taken a picture with it all plated up with the asparagus but, um, I was too hungry.

It was SO GOOD. I wish there was one of these in every town because, dudes, the women who started this? Brilliant and deserving of much success.


I guess Texas hasn't been privileged enough to be inundated with these places yet? There are several around here: Dinner Done and Let's Dish are 2 of them. It is a great concept (especially for a Mother's Night Out), but a tad expensive in our area. Cheaper than eating out, of course; but still much pricier than cooking at home. Dinner Done has this thing called Stork Meals, where they will actually prepare the dinners for you at no extra cost if you have a new baby at home. It's great if you have a friend who has a new baby but you are all too busy to cook her meals; everyone just pitches in some money and gets her a bunch of meals to store in her freezer.
Annabanana said…
Oh yeah, we have Magical Mealtimes, Dinner A'Fare and Let's Eat all within 5 miles of's a very fun girls night/day out with no guilt (because we are cooking for our family, right?) - glad you found one there, and a new friend!
Memarie Lane said…
I've been to one of those places, and it was great. But we didn't have time to enjoy the wine or anything because there was too much competition for the different stations. At the end we had to wait in line to make chicken parmesan. Otherwise I loved it, and it didn't cost much more than the groceries for it would have.
MadMad said…
Oh, that looks yummy! I've always been curious about how those places work! Sounds like a fun time!
DK said…
I love that you have girl(s) for a GNO already. And, mmmm, what a good idea!!