Love Thursday

I was going to write part 2 of my Vacuum Manifesto, otherwise known as More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Barb's History with Vacuums, (You DID want to know more, right?) but today after I took Jane to school, I found that she'd left me a note to brighten my day.

(I always forget to remind you all that if you click on the pictures or the links, they will open in a new window. Because I am so html code savvy and all.) (HAH!)

On one side it says, "Dear Mommy,"

and on the other side, it says: "I hope you have a wonderful day. I will miss you in school. Good luck if you ever go back to graduation school. Love, best wishes, Jane E. C."

Anyway, I thought my heart would burst so instead of talking about major suckage, I bring to you other things I love on this Love Thursday.

Yesterday when Ana was blatantly skipping school feeling the terrible after-effects of a stomach bug which made her throw up ONCE on-- hello!-- MONDAY, I forced her to go outside and plant some flowers with me. It was so wonderful--I love to spend time with that kid. She's funny and sweet and interested in everything. I'm lucky to have her as my friend.

We're really excited about possibly, maybe, if you hold your mouth just right and cross all your fingers, MAYBE growing Gerbera Daisies.

That doesn't exactly ring with confidence but the thing is that in Austin, I tried to grow them but the unrelenting summer heat caused them to die slow lingering deaths. (At least, I THINK it was the heat. I HOPE it was just the heat.) (Sigh.) I have much more hope for them here, um, even with ME as the gardener.

I love my painter, who has now painted my kitchen and offered a good connection/referral for tile for when I do my back-splash. Doesn't the kitchen look so calm and pretty? I quite love it. Now when I cook, I don't feel quite so much like I'm on Green Acres.

We've put down our stepping stones, and for some reason, that one thing seems to be giving us some roots.

Maybe it's the weather but I am feeling especially grateful for this life I am so privileged to lead. I am so blessed and so happy. If we get our lost orange kitty Edward back, I will feel like everything about this move has been positive. I don't know if I've ever shown y'all this but I keep THIS on my kitchen windowsill to remind me that this life of mine is an amazing fairy tale and the best part of all is the happily ever after...

Um, it doesn't FIT me or anything. And there aren't any cartoon birds flitting around my head sewing me dresses. (What? Do you think I'm CRAZY?)

Still--it's a good fairy tale.


LaDonna said…
Awwww!! That letter from Jane is just priceless! And "graduation school"...hee hee! Too sweet!

Your kitchen looks wonderful and with the stepping stones in place, it really must be starting to feel like home.

Happy Love Thursday, Barb!
Memarie Lane said…
Your kitchen looks wonderful. I love the dark wood. I don't understand why so many people like the lighter woods, the dark stuff is so much more ... comfortable if you KWIM.
You know what you could probably grow now? Lilacs! Nothing smells sweeter.

Kitchen looks great! But I'm calling PETA and telling them what you did to all those poor roosters...
Anonymous said…
That's such a nice looking kitchen. I'm a tad jealous. Mine is about the same size but it's not nearly as warm and cozy... I can picture you there with the kids sitting on those stools, shootin' the breeze.
Ei said…
OMG...oh honey we are twins seperated by a time warp continuim. I have a ruby slipper on my computer top at work, just about that size. :) Love you. Thanks for posting today.
MadMad said…
Love the kitchen - it looks awesome! Graduation school was awesome, too - were you supposed to be itting in the classes in between packing, moving, unpacking, adjusting, home-buying, car-pooling....?
TheOneTrueSue said…
The kitchen is gorgeous. And your sincere feelings of wellbeing have me inexplicably in tears. Maybe it will rub off on me. Or not.

I really love your back yard.
Mokihana said…
Last night's dream:

I opened my office door, and out came fluffy, orange Edward! "Edward!!!" I screamed to the heavens (not loud enough to scare him)!! I picked him up and he purred and purred. I saw his tag... it had a different name on it.. but I KNEW it was Edward. I wanted to call you on the phone but I didn't have your number (obviously). It didn't matter that I couldn't figure out how he got all the way to Oregon; it was Edward!!

I keep thinking, "where would I go if I were a terrified cat?" Either up or down....find myself a tiny hole to hide in....