Finally, School is OVER

Yesterday was the last day of school for my kids.

In Texas, the last day of school--early May--always came too soon for me. I rushed around saying, "May is the New December" and did everything EXCEPT send out holiday cards. (Well, except for that one year when I actually DID send them in July. OR, um, August.)

This year? I'm still rushing around and I still don't have our summer plans completely dialed-in but I'm SO ready for my kids to be out of school. Just having a break from the morning tortu--er--ROUTINE will be a welcome change of pace. Plus, we have an entire island to explore. I've been really looking forward to summer--and not just because the weather is so amazing here in New York in the summer. Maybe just because I've been back on my heels for months now, what with the move and house guests and being a "furriner" and all, and I'm hoping that the more relaxed pace of summer might give me a chance to catch up and settle in.

Of course, my young cousin from Germany is still visiting and he will fly with us to Dallas when we go next week. I have to get the house ready for a group of house guests who are going to be staying while we're away, as well as just in case Lin's family needs shower facilities, etc. during their move. I need to lay in supplies for the pet sitter and write her instructions, do laundry for everyone, pack for the four of us, plan what we're going to do next week BEFORE vacation, figure out the bill situation and leave checks for everyone in the entire world, get another shot in my foot, pick out my knitting to take... there's a lot to do.

So, guess what I did right in the middle of all this madness on the next-to-the-last day of the school year with the two free hours I had?

No, really. Guess.

I painted my dining room.

Because, um, yes, I am completely crazy. Why do you ask?


Pretty! But, um, when is it that you're going to have all this free time to relax?
DK said…
Looks great, though.

Dude. Whatever you need to do.
Miri said…
This is the slower pace of life you were pining for.


Your dining room looks awesome. I love the portrait wall and the soft green color.

I hope your vacation affords lots of knitting time!
Citi Mom said…
That is so funny. I did the same thing during Christmas 2006. My Christmas temp job just ended and my 5 year old was just out of school for winter break. I had all of this extra time (Sure, right). While my two year old napped, I tore down wall paper and painted my hallway, a week before Christmas. I think when you are really busy and then things let up a little, you can somehow find the time to squeeze another project in. Call me crazy.
Ei said…
School is just now OVER? Oh my! My kids go BACK to school in three weeks!

I love your portrait wall (and that one picture of Ana looks familiar. :) )

Hugs B...I had a week and a half too, but I can't paint my dining room, or I might be blowing off steam that way too.
LaDonna said…
Ah, yes...the lazy days of summer. NOT! My kids got done the last week in May and I feel like I'm running more now than when school was on.

Is it August yet??? Just kidding, I would never wish away the summer. I love summers here, but the lack of routine drives me nuts sometimes.

And're dining room looks GREAT!
Ma'am, I couldn't paint a toy-box in two hours, much less a dining room. My hat's off to you!
Lynn said…
Giving a big thumbs-up to Citi Mom's comment. Those of us who are overachievers, when we catch a bit of a break, make the most of it. And make the more relaxed among us dizzy, or dazed, or whatever.

Now, if you'd painted that dining room in two hours, one-handed, while knitting a sock in the other? *That* would impress this equally OCD overachiever!

Scratch that. *You* could probably do it. A tip of the cowgirl hat to you, ma'am! That dining room looks so peaceful and conducive to intelligent conversation. Love to read how you're settling in.

I'm going to grab my camera and take a stroll around my own new neighborhood.
Katie said…
This is SO my M.O. My hubby hates that I re-arrange the living room when company's coming instead of cleaning. *grin*

Your dining room looks lovely.

Can Farm Suite and I come to New Yawk for a visit?? We need a girls getaway like-no-bodies-business! Exploring "The Island" sounds so heavenly!
ckh said…
I've lived in my house two years and haven't hung any pictures yet.

I guess if you want something done, you have to just DO IT.