Freudian Knitting

So, I finished Lin's Goodbye Socks tonight at Knit Night.

I'm pretty sure I made the second one too small.

That's never happened to me before. I had a perfect first sock and then the second one just... well, didn't want to be knitted to match.

Oddly enough, it fits me perfectly, though.

So, now I have this idea of just knitting an entirely new sock for Lin's second foot and keeping the too small sock for myself and then knitting a match for IT.

Because you know how in eighth grade when your best friend moved away, you bought matching shirts and vowed to wear them on the same days in different states?

I know, I know. It's pretty pathetic.

I'm just going to miss her so much.

I'm pretty sure she's moving whether I get these socks finished for her or not, though.

Gosh, this whole growing up thing? VASTLY overrated.


Katie said…
Must. Make. Socks.

I am a total Knitting Junkie and every time I come over you talk about knitting.

Must. GO. KNIT.

DK said…
I think that actually sounds like a perfect solution. And way better than those silly necklaces.

Freud, since you brought him up, once said that there were no accidents, just unconscious influence that made the subconscious' desires manifest. I think you definitely knitted that sock on purpose.

But then again, what do I know? I'm primarily an insight-oriented therapist, not an analyst...
Tenna Draper said…
Maybe each of you should have one sock too big and one sock too small (or vice versa) know, in keeping with the theme of freudian thinking...knitting the socks is your unconscious taking the lead with the silly idea that if you make mismated socks, Lin will have to stay in NY.

Now if you make mismated socks for both of you, surely when you both put them on, you'll think of each other.

Then make a pact that when you turn 60 (or some other milestone), you'll return the sock that does not fit to each other with a note that says "remember when"?
Miri said…
I gotta learn to knit. It sounds better than photography.
ckh said…
I've said this before, but you really make me want to learn to knit. I'm afraid of taking on another project all the time, which is why I haven't done it yet. I'm living vicariously through you, though, and perhaps one day my envy will turn to inspiration and I'll learn how.
Stefanie said…
Vastly overrated? Great. Now that I'm on my way to being a grown up, now I want to turn around and go back to kindergarten. Gee. Thanks, Barb. ;)

Great idea! It would get you another pair of hand-knit socks, too!
Dawn said…
I'm in love with your blog!!