Love (the Hurricane) Thursday

My Janie (7) is home sick today. She's got some bug that either IS strep or mimics strep. We went and had a throat culture yesterday and now, although the rapid strep test came back negative, I'm waiting to see if the slow growing culture (I made that name up but you know what I mean) comes back saying she has it after all. I fully expect that it will.

The thing about the Hurricane is that she is NOT a complainer. Just now, she was curled up in a little nest on the floor in the living room, drinking some warm rice milk and watching a movie when she rolled over and cracked her head on the coffee table. Tears were leaking out of the sides of her eyes but she would NOT let on that she was hurt. Somehow she has gotten the idea that to complain is a sign of weakness. She gets all embarrassed and very snappy if you offer any comfort.

You can, however, offer a lot of cuddling.

I am all about THAT. (Plus I offered to drag the coffee table outside and chop it into firewood. Apparently, my Mama-Bear instincts aren't limited to eviscerating HUMANS who hurt my children.)

At any rate, as always when the kids are sick, life comes to a full stop. I'm not so sure I wasn't due for a day of watching movies, cuddling with Janie, and knitting because I've enjoyed today a lot. I've almost finished the first of Lin's Goodbye Socks and I just started them on Tuesday! (Claudia hand-paint in "Spring Break" using that Thuja pattern from Knitty. I am nothing if not faithful when I find a good thing.)

The only thing is that tonight is Knit Night and my friend from Austin, Sherrie, and I are planning on going. Only, I have this little tickle in my throat and my stomach hurts and I have this little cough...

Not to be too dramatic (I don't know WHERE Ana gets it) but I may just wither away and die of loneliness if I don't get to go. I mean it.

Wither. Away.

It could happen.


LaDonna said…
Poor Jane! But you know, this may have been karma's way of telling YOU to take a day off, my dear! Enjoy the little break, and cuddle to your heart's content.

That sock is awesome! Those colors are fantastic. Lin will love the goodbye socks, especially when it snows early in her new home in mountainous Colorado!
Tiny Tyrant said…
Just don't cough on or lick anyone. ;-)

Love your girls and Edward and the sock. :-)
Stefanie said…
I love that sock! That is one of the most beautiful colorways Claudia has.

Cuddle Jane a bit for me! I hope you aren't getting sick, and I hope she is feeling better.

Yay for Knit Night!!!
DK said…
It could happen!

Poor Janie. Isn't this, like, her thirty-seventh bout of step this year? Does she still have her tonisills? Yeesh
Unknown said…
I thought your couch had stripes??? ;o)
Miri said…
Oh! My Sarah is just like that. Brave tears leaking out. It is so sweet.

I hope she feels better soon. You too. Maybe knitting would help?