So, this is what it's like

So this is what it's like living with a teenager.

Our Internet connection has been really spotty. My husband, who is a computer geek by profession and therefore has more computer problems than anyone else on the planet, diagnosed a faulty router. He bought a new one and installed it and now we have a REALLY faulty Internet connection.

Because he has hours and hours of time to devote to figuring this out.

My cousin, who is an avid computer user (like most 19-year-olds), is visiting from Germany and it's just the perfect time for him not to have an Internet connection --um, NOT. He's so desperate for entertainment, we just went to the BOOK STORE at his request. Wow, I guess travel really IS broadening.

But back to my original point, and I did have one, for some reason, the only way I know that the connection on my laptop is working is when it says, "Not Connected." If it's REALLY not connected, it says, "Automatic." Naturally, it only stays not-connected-connected for about five minutes at a time and then it's right back to that automatic connection. Dang it.

I don't know why but this made me think about how happy I am to see the teen years looming.



Aren't bored teens fun? Thinking I didn't have enough of them, my sister, upon hearing that I was going to be on Long Island for the summer said, "Oh, good, you can have your niece up there for a week." My niece is 17 and has visions of being taken into the city every day, which is sooo not going to happen. I'll scream if my internet should go down at that time.
Memarie Lane said…
We have the exact same problem. The cable company was quick to accuse the router, so we replaced it. Twice. No difference. They've been out here at least once every two weeks for the past year, give us a different explanation every time, and fix nothing. Some days there's no problem, other days we'll have 5 minutes on, ten minutes off, all day.
Ei said…
Lalalala...not listening...this will not happen to me...lalalala.

The only teenager I'm dealing with right now is sitting my youngest over the summer vacay and he doesn't give her turns at the computer. My sluething skills reveals she does the same thing I did when I was bored as a teen. She doodles "I (heart) Cute Boy" all over her notebook. Now Elyas draws "I (heart) Cute Babysitter" notes while she is away. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Oh yeah, forgot again, your blog. Bad Ei!
Mokihana said…
Of course, there is always the possibility that you will have perfect teenagers, who won't cross to the other side of the street when they're walking with you, will want to read instead of getting on the computer, and will never have PMS.

It's possible.

Ack! I just spit all over my keyboard laughing.

No really.

It's possible.