Happy Birthday, Scout

Our ridiculously happy cow dog has a birthday today. Four years ago, he was born in this off-the-grid trailer encampment near Elgin, Texas. Twelve weeks later my husband completely lost his freaking mind took pity on him and brought him home.

I believe that congratulations are in order. Not for Scout, oh NO, not for him. I think we Coopers should be congratulated for not having killed him by now.

Although, even I have to admit, he's pretty cute.


Happy Birthday, Scout!

Barb, I finally got your book. I'm loving it. Will write rave review once I get my act together...
Ei said…
Happy Birthday deeeeear Scout!

Blogland loves you, you sweet faced thang, you.
LaDonna said…
Awww!!!! Look at that sweet puppy face! How could you not instantly fall in love with that?

Happy Birthday, Scout! Now quit celebrating and go unpack some boxes for dear Barb. She needs a break!
Tiffany said…
That dog has an unusually nice face. If you met him on the street (or, say, alongside the road), you'd probably never think, "I'll bet if I take that little sweetheart home with me he'll PEE ALL OVER MY HOUSE EVERY TIME SOMEONE LOOKS AT HIM."
He is a sweet boy, not like our mean-tempered Shih-tzu who has the Great Dane in the cul-de-sac behind our house utterly cowed.
Miri said…
I love dogs. I love cats a little (lot) more, because they rarely sniff inappropriately. But I love your dog more than I love mine because your dog never digs in my flowerbeds.

Happy Birthday, Scout!