I Am Farmer, Hear Me Roar!

I am So. Happy.

So. Happy.


It could be that I am coming out of a nasty three day migraine cycle. Or it could be that the sun is shining. Or it could be that my husband fixed our computer problems because he so totally rocks like that. (As an aside, our wireless network was named after Scout. I told Coop that he should really change its name or we'd be cursed forever, Scout not being the SHARPEST knife in the drawer, if you know what I mean. Sure enough, in order to make our new router work properly with XP, all he had to do was to change the name of the network. Is that hilarious or what?)

Or my happiness could be that I managed to locate enough yarn to finish Lin's socks and it should be arriving tomorrow.

I ran out of yarn right about the toe decreases and I tried to fudge and use a fingering weight yarn, which is way thinner than the sport weight I've been using. I tried it on Lin and she said, "Oh, no, no, no." Because she GETS the whole hand-knitted sock thing, you know? She's as invested as I am in the perfection of these socks. If she wanted half-arse socks, she could buy those at Wal-Mart, you know what I'm saying? No, my socks have to be made to fit her feet perfectly because every time she wears them, I want her to feel like she's getting a hug from me. (Okay, so hugging her feet sounds a bit strange but just...well, work with me, people.)

She totally gets the intent without me having to explain the whole thing to her and THIS, my friends, explains our friendship better than anything else. We are on the same page. Yes, she is moving, but the great thing is that we'll still be on the same page when she's in a different state. Distance does not change the page. The Page Remains the Same.

And she's not even a knitter. (Yet.) (HAH!)

But back to my happi-happi-happi ness-ness-ness -- because I know you're just on the edges of your seats there, aren't you?

DUDES, LOOK AT THIS!!! (Sorry, I didn't mean to shout but I am Just. So. Excited.)

Okay, okay, wait. Deep breath. Remember THIS?





And remember THIS?

And this!

And this!

I took Jane outside to see and she said, "I'm so happy I feel like BREAK DANCING."

Yeah, what she said!

(As always, you can click on the pictures if you'd like to see the results of my most awesome gardening in larger detail.)


TexasPeach said…
Sooo glad you are so happy!! And the gardens look AWESOME! I wish I could grow something besides weeds. Oh yeah, I forgot, I hate digging in the dirt...hate bugs (especially the monster ones here in Austin)..and can never remember to water the garden...that's why they never seem to grow for me :-) Enjoy your veggies and flowers!
So, I guess this isn't the place to mention that I just managed to kill a zucchini plant? You know how hard it is to do that?
Unknown said…
can you come fix mine now???
I'm dead jealous. I grow herbs back in Texas and I miss having a handful of basil whenever I want it. If I ever move somewhere where the summers are a decent temperature, I'm growing toms, too!
DK said…
WOW!!!!!!!! Your garden is AMAZING! And your socks are so pretty! And Jane just made me get water up my nose. What does she know for breakdancing, she wasn't even born in the same MILLENIUM as breakdancing! (Although I see that Jellies are back, and I totally almost bought myself a pair the other day, until I went, "Honey...you're thirty. Yes, yes, you WOULD look ridiculous, and no, no you CAN'T pull it off.")

Your kids crack me up.

And I wish I lived closer so I could steal some of your vegetables when you had a bumper crop later in the year! NOTHING tastes better than a home grown tomato!
Marion Gropen said…
Your socks are giving me knitter's envy, and your garden looks fabulous.

(Free advice, and worth every penny: weeds like this climate, too. I was stunned by how much my first summer here with a garden. Mulch is your friend here.)

Did you get rain today, too? I was all set to water, and lo and behold, rain! Love it.
Ei said…
Your purple thumb seems to be healing or something. Or you sent it to me. Either way, hooray. I'm gonna moonwalk for you, 'k?
TheOneTrueSue said…
Gardening is like magic. I always feel a little foolish when I plant stuff from seeds, kind of like, "Oh, come on, you don't really think that's going to work, do you?" And yet it works. And it's amazing every time.
ktb38 said…
Love the sock yarn!
And your garden is great!
Mrs.Q said…
If that tomato, when it is finally ripe and juicy and sun-warmed, suddenly goes missing in the middle of the night...it wasn't me. Honest.
Miri said…
Super jealous over here. Our cukes aren't even blooming yet. Long Island is good to you and your plants!

How'd the break dancing go?
Katie said…
You know I went looking for my Joy Rush post and it was GONE! Oh yeah, I was peeved to say the least. It is gone from my blog but in the draft but IT WON'T POST. Blogger and I are REALLy gonna have to box! Anyhoooo

I am so jealous of your garden, I have lots of garden bitterness right now. Can I live vicariously(I can't spell so just roll with it-K?) through your garden??

I still haven't braved the sock thing.....
Bonnie the Boss said…
It looks great!!! I just came over to see what suburban correspondent was snarking about! I love her and feel pity on her gardening skills. You have the skills. Way To Go!