Okay, I'm over it

Okay, so I'm over the whole pity party of yesterday. You know, the one where I got to meet all of my parenting foibles head-on in one day? The one where I got totally distraught because my children were acting like... children? Today is much better. I slept for more than three minutes at a time (but just barely) and I forgive the little rats of causing me endless angst.

Of course, they're not awake yet so who knows what loveliness awaits me today. But I can cope. After all, *I* survived a similar upbringing--similar in that, well, I'm female and my mother is female. And look at how I turned out.

Well, that does give one pause. Not going to go there. Not without a lot more coffee.

Onward to really important things: Today is Tuesday (you know what that means! We're gonna have a special guest!) (Please don't tell me if you get that reference. I am just clawing myself up from the wreckage of my self esteem and I'm fragile, dammit.) Yes, campers, you are right. It's Trash Day! Another installment in the Coopers' ongoing quest to Fight the Evil of a system designed to bury them in trash and tangible examples of their conspicuous consumption.

(Listen, it's in the high 90's here already and if we missed the weekly trash pickup --and it seems like we are always thisclose to doing so--my neighbors (they of the continually shrinking trash receptacle) would probably form a picket line to protest the stench.)

And guess what? Despite the best efforts of the recycling guys to catch me once again off guard by coming at freaking SIX-THIRTY in the morning (isn't that illegal? Isn't there a...noise ordinance or just some basic, common decency that would make them NOT COME WHILE MY CHILDREN ARE ASLEEP???) I managed to get all of our trash and recycling out last night, boot and all. I feel powerful and am alive with my own sense of efficiency and self worth. (This is a prime example of the positive affirmations we should all be doing when our children gang up on us.)

Oh. My. Gosh.

On one-half of a cup of coffee(not that I'm bragging), I finally figured out how to make links open in a new browser instead of diverting you, the reader, away from my scintillating prose.

I might as well go back to bed now. I mean, like today is going to get any better than THAT!

[Note: I was so impressed with my newfound skill that I went and updated ALL of the outgoing links--or at least as many as I could before Jane got up -- so that they would open in a new window. I didn't realize that this meant that all of my subscribers would get old posts re-sent to you. Guess I'm not as tech-savvy as I thought. I'm sorry!]


Damsel said…
So, um... Glad to hear you're better today... Can you share the love and email me about how to do the linky thing?