Two Tiny Hats and a Package

I finished the second hat. Look how tiny. Even the second one, which I knit with bigger yarn (but not the right size needles, I guess, since my hand has been cramping ever since) is so small.

And look, he can wear them TWO ways. This way if he wants to look like Preemie in the 'Hood, he can.

Then I packaged the whole thing up and stuck one of my books inside and sent it off Priority --since clearly this little fellow is in a big hurry, right? I didn't really know what to write inside my book, you know, because things are still scary for his parents. I send love and prayers for speedy growth and healing. I guess that was enough.

I seem to be a bit under the weather today --I'm not sure why. Just sort of lost my Elvis. Coop says I need less computer and more swimming so I'm going to try that.


Damsel said…
How sweet of you to do that for the family.

FWIW, I agree with Coop -- swimming is a good remedy! We've done it a TON this week, and it's been great for me.
Brendy Vaughn said…
When I first looked I thought that was an empty toilet paper roll beside the hat, but wait, no it's a cork! So tiny.

How nice of you to do this for that family.
Anonymous said…
"less computer and more swimming..." lol... that's so funny, but Coop is probably right!

I could use that advice myself.... actually I could even use "less computer more sleep" as well.... hehe