Red Letter Day

See that? That's the insert to my walking boot, drying in the sun. I took it into the shower with me and shampooed it, very gently and I tried not to be totally disgusted by the gross water that flowed from it. Even after I had finished washing and rinsing it, it still smelled like Wet Dog. (And apparently, it still smells so bad that it killed that nice little plant next to it.)

I didn't make it to my next doctor's appointment before I had to wash it--I was close but I Just. Could. Not. Wear. It. One. More. Minute. I cannot overstate enough how bad that smell was.

Was, I say, as in PAST TENSE because, are you ready??

I've graduated! Look at this:

Okay, okay, you caught me. I'm being a bit premature. The real story is that I start physical therapy on Tuesday so that I can learn to walk again. Because right now, if you watch closely, I walk just like a Hobbit. I have medical documentation of this. My doctor pointed it out, actually.

I still get to see my fabulous doctor in another month but he proclaimed me healed. Well, there I go again, making these grandiose statements. What he said was: the bones in my foot have healed. He would not be so foolhardy as to think he had healed everything about me that needs healing.

But let me just tell you, it's going to be good to be in shoes again and out of the stinky boot. To be able to walk and swim and get up and go to the bathroom, all without having to think, "How am I going to get there? What are the Boot Logistics?"


Damsel said…
Woo-hoo!!! Yay for two real shoes!
Anonymous said…
I read a comment you left on a single moms blog about how when you find your person, it stays that way, every month...forever. I myself keep wondering if it can really be this good for always and that was so reassuring. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Hooray! You know what I just realized? I can actually recognize your feet!