Tiny Hats and Boys

So, you know how I've been all fired up (Texas phrase) about small things and how we spend our whole lives trying to do big and meaningful things but then it always turns out to be the small things that matter the most?

Well, I was thinking about how sometimes small is good and sometimes people behave in small ways and that's bad. (There was this whole thing in the knitting underworld where some small person trashed someone else on a blog and the uproar was big and awful.) So, the concept of small is not a universally good thing, right?

But sometimes, small is both good AND bad.


Take, for instance, tiny Baker Terry Tynefield, who has possibly the biggest name ever for a baby who weighed in at one pound, five ounces 18 days ago. Born at just 23 weeks of gestation, Baker is impossibly tiny to have such a big will to survive. But he does have it. And gosh, he's big-time cute.

His dad's cousin is a long-time reader of my column, So, the thing is, and she e-mailed me this week to tell me about Baker and to say that while there is a huge amount of support and a large number of people who are directing positive energy toward Baker, everyone feels a little helpless.

"Most of our family is not sure what to send, if anything, and heck, they just don't make that many cute little things for 1 1/2lb babies, not to mention that they can't wear much with all those tubes and wires in them. But I thought maybe he could wear a hat, and maybe I could knit him one. I found a pattern but it needs techniques which are beyond me."

And then, she must have been a little desperate because, are you ready, she asked ME to knit it. I felt like this was just a huge honor, even if it did overestimate my knitting prowess in no small fashion. But I did it. Here it is:

I tried to find something that would show you how tiny this hat is, and well, since it's me and all, I used a cork from a bottle of wine. It's TINY. In fact, it's so tiny that I had a big worry that maybe it's TOO tiny so I'm knitting another one with bigger yarn and needles and sending it along as well.

(Before y'all get any ideas, I have a big love for my readers but I will be a little busy over the next decade or so knitting for my own family, much to their dismay. Plus, all of those swear words can't be good Karma.)

Anyway, I knitted a little hat but with big love (and NO swearing, thank you) in every tiny stitch. And if maybe you felt like adding your big and heartfelt well wishes to Baker's blog (just click here), maybe we could generate enough of a big positive wave of energy that the little guy would get bigger faster.

And that would be a big and meaningful thing.

PS: I hope all of those bold "bigs" and "littles" aren't really distracting because they were a big pain in the rear to do.


Stefanie said…
Au contraire! The bolded words made the blog stick out, made the point of it come clearer.
Knit My Grits said…
I found you through a comment on June 19 Yarn Harlot.

You're right. There are bigger fish to fry. Thank you soooo much for the link to this miracle baby, Baker! You're a great friend.

Rhonda Drakes-Blais
Ottawa, CANADA