Nobody Works With Us. Nobody.

So, the cats were sitting on the new entertainment center. And not only the cats-- one day I came down and our 14-year-old Australian Shepherd (mostly) SYDNEY was on top of it. So now, of course, it has a huge scratch on it.

I decided to take the advice of the trainer who led Scout's obedience training. (Those three words together --it's just not right.) So, I put one of those chair pads (you know, the carpet protector things) on it, but with the bottom side UP so that the little bumps would dissuade the pets from getting up there. This is the result:

I'm sure I'll come downstairs to find Sydney leading a poker game on top of it next.


Damsel said…
ROFL ---- soooooooo funny!

What about tape, sticky side up? Or that two-sided tape (that wasn't around when I had cats)?
hokgardner said…
Try mouse traps. When one of our dogs wouldn't stay off our new sofa, I went to Tomlinson's for a scat mat, and the man there recommended mouse traps - not rat traps. They just pop and scare the animal. He said he had used it to train his cats not to get on the kitchen counters. It worked on our dog like a charm. And after a while we didn't even have to set them; just the sight of a trap was enough to keep her off the sofa.