I Guess It's Really Happening...

So, our last offer on the Wallpaper House was accepted.

It looks like we bought a house in New York.

I realize I said this about the LAST house we put a contract on, too, but that one fell through after the inspection showed that it needed, well, you know, everything. This house was built in 2002 and it looks really new and not like it will need much.

Except a pool. It doesn't have one, which makes my husband a little sad.

We're having the inspection done on it in the next few days and after that we'll tell the girls about it. They will both have nice big rooms in this house -- right now, those rooms look like this:

And I will be the proud owner of THIS kitchen:

And this closet in the master bedroom (I don't know if you can tell but it's bigger than the den in which I'm sitting right this moment. It totally looks like one of those closets on the California Closets commercial where the person goes into her closet and lies down on a couch? Have you seen that one or have I only seen it because I watch too much HGTV?)

Oh, and also? this wallpaper. I think there's a woman CHURNING BUTTER on it.

So, the thing is, I would be happier about this house but I kind of feel like Coop got the short end of the stick. When we bid on the LAST house, he said, "I said this house had something for everyone but the truth is, it has something for everyone except YOU."

And now I feel that way about THIS house with regards to Coop. No pool. No gazebo. No obvious place for his recording studio. Plus, there's the fact that he said, "I like everything about this house except the way it looks from the front. And the back."


Ei said…
Well, I guess the good thing is, when you put in those elements that belong to Coop, they will be truly his...he'll be able to make them what he wants them to be.

Now, I'm sorry he doesn't like the front of the house, because I think it is lovely, barring some landscaping that could be done. The back leaves lots of room to use your imagination. It will be beautiful once you put your stamp on it.

My son would love the construction themed room. So cute.

You are getting rid of the lady churning butter, right?
Ei said…
...and when do you really move???
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! I'm so happy for me...I mean you!

Tell Coop he's gonna be too busy working at his fabulous new job and making buckets of money to swim anyways.
Suna Kendall said…
There certainly is SPACE back there for a pool. And putting a porch on the back would make it less plain. Looks like the back of my house. Must look like the back of all houses built in the last ten years. ZZZZZZZ. You will adjust. No house will be perfect!
Annabanana said…
Barb - I think you guys will be really happy there, and will make it your own. And ummmm, this is New York, right? So like, you're only going to miss having a pool for one month a year or something - not like Texas where it would be a 10-12 month missing....Sounds like a month at the beach in the summer would take care of that longing and avoid construction....possibly?!
Well,isn't that what everyone does in the bathroom? Churn butter, I mean?

Landscaping and a deck in the back, that's what it needs. And get all that wallpaper stripped before you move in, or you will hate yourself. Gorgeous kitchen. I do hope you have a mud room? That's something I want that I will never have. So I enjoy everyone else's mud rooms, vicariously.
Lynda said…
Does that song from the Jefferson's ever go through your head? "Movin' on up?" :-) That looks like a gawgeous house and will be yours when you strip (HAVE it STRIPPED) all of the yukky wallpaper and choose the colors that you want. This also gives you the chance to make the back yard into what you want it to be.
KnitFloozy said…
Congrats on the new house! You're gonna have wonderful new adventures in your place. The butter churning lady would have to go soon after I moved in...because there are far to many jokes with that one...
Congrats! Looks like there's supplemental heat in the kids' rooms too!

I have a wallpaper scraper for ya!
Stefanie said…
Hrm... I could definately crash your parties at that house. :) (Like my criteria for your house?)

I have a feeling that you all are going to have a great time up in NY!

Remember what you told me about moving up there last time I stopped by. It'll never feel like home until you like it. So enjoy your life up there, and enjoy the last few months in Austin. :)
DK said…
Oh, but it's gorgeous! I'm so very jealous of your kitchen.

My friend in Florida bought an old, plantation-style place. Beautiful, old, historic...and it had foiled tiger-print wallpaper in the bathroom. UGH.
Mokihana said…
Wow. What a lovely house. I agree, it needs a huge deck in back. There's room for a veggie garden! And the kitchen is amazing.

I agree. Hemo (take off) da wallpapah!
TheOneTrueSue said…
Your kitchen will be so beautiful when the wallpaper is gone. And what a huge yard!!!
MadMad said…
Oh, lookie - there's plenty of room for a pool! (And that is one damn fine closet, too!) Congrats!