Of Camera Failures and the Weather

Saturday, it was so warm that I worried about my kids not wearing sunscreen when we went to get our Christmas tree. I had hoped to get our Christmas picture but it just wasn't in the cards. I got some good sibling pictures, just not any that are good of BOTH girls. See?

Of course, one year I sent out a collage of bad photos with the caption, "Sigh. Maybe NEXT Year." I did a scrapbook page about it.

I guess I could always gather these pictures and have the caption, "Nope, not THIS year, either."

This one might have worked with a "In Your Wildest Dreams" kind of message but it's not very sharp. I may have to just go with it anyway.

Because I have to get something--ANYTHING--done for the holidays today or my head is going to explode.

But anyway, back to the weather--I bet you forgot we were talking about the weather, huh? I was saying how hot it was on Saturday and then on Sunday, just as hot until the late afternoon when a blue Norther came in and dropped the temperature 37 degrees in three hours. So, let's see here: we had the air conditioner on Saturday night, a fire in the fireplace on Sunday night and here it is Tuesday and I'm thinking maybe we need the AC again. Because it's like 6,000% humidity today and my hair is VERY confused.

Then yesterday was Jane's Gymnastics "Parent Watch" day, which seems to be synonymous with "Have Your Heart in Your Throat While You Watch Your 45-Pound Daughter Defy Death for an Hour." I had a camera failure on THIS instance, too, because I forgot to charge the batteries for my flash. But I took an interesting series of Jane doing a back handspring. (I'm not sure I WANT to see this in greater detail.)

And in other news: the painters are still here. They are really doing amazing work and things look so much better --and they are good and kind people so it's really okay that they seem to be living here now. But as long as they are painting in my living room, I can't decorate for Christmas. And that's just kind of a bummer because the WEATHER is making it impossible to get into the holiday spirit. Not to mention that fact that I can't seem to get anything done. But now that I think about it, maybe I can take some pictures of THEIR work... now, if I could only find the camera.


See? Next year, you won't have these weather problems. I promise.

I love professional painters. They are so efficient. And they don't take it personally if you point out a problem. Unlike husbands, say.
Sarahviz said…
Oh, your girls. They totally remind me of my Sis and I when we were young. The hair, the smiles, the glasses. *sigh*
Tiffany said…
I'm quite sure I've never said this before (and probably never will again), but I'd have traded you weather today. Our forecast this afternoon said (I swear, this is a direct quote), "100% chance of ice pellets".
Anonymous said…
I'm in Gainesville, FL and we're having the same problem--going to break the record at 84 today. Good thing we're going to Vermont for a week so I can get my snow fix!
Ei said…
"100% chance of ice pellets." Sorry to start off commenting on another comment, but, man, can I IDENTIFY.

I loved the "maybe next year" card. So freaking cute. You have some lovely children, Barb. Wanna trade?
Barb Matijevich said…
Oh yeah, like you do9n't have those cute boys, yourself. I have to go buy a training bra for Ana today. I might take you up on that trade. --Barb
I was shocked - shocked - to find in the training bra section of Target, padded push-up styles. What sort of sick parent would dress her 10-year-old in one of those?
Anonymous said…
I'm loving the pictures of Jane's back handspring. And the heart in your throat feeling? Just wait, just wait until she's doing say, a round off, two back handspring, back tuck pass. Or the dreaded "front punch." Ai yi yi, sometimes I just can't look any more!