Psychotic Break

So, um, the painters returned today. They'd gone missing for ten days, ever since I paid them before they'd completed a job --because sometimes I have moments where I prove that I would have fit right in if we lived in Mayberry. ("Gah-ho-hall-lee!")

They painted the second coat on my front door. It looks lovely.

And then they hung the shutters. Which I might have mentioned, I'd already PAID them to do.

Fourteen shutters.

Look how nice:

Only, don't look too closely because...


they hung every single one of them UPSIDE-DOWN.


See this cute curly thing? It's supposed to go on the top.

So, I noticed they were hanging them upside down and I said, "Um, are they, are they, well, are they upside down? Because they sort of look upside down to me."

And the painter said, "No, that's how shutters GO." very authoritatively.

So, I said, "Well, I haven't actually made a huge study of shutters so maybe you're right."

And then after they'd left, I looked it up on-line.

Every. Single. One.

Upside down.

Naturally, my first response was, "I CAN'T WAIT TO TELL THE BLOG!"

But now I'm mad. I'm mad at them, but even more than that, I'm mad at myself for just accepting that authoritative male opinion over my own instinct. Was I born in the 19th century or something? I thought I wasn't going to model being a doormat for my daughters?

Now that I'm good and mad at everyone involved, I don't think I'd want to be on the other end of the phone call I make telling those...(oooh. Oh, dear. SO censored.) GUYS to come redo their work.

Blinking light update? One strand not blinking. I'm going in for the replacement before it's anti-blink stance affects the other strands.

Today was Pajama Day at the school. I let the girls unwrap their Christmas pajamas. Is it just me or are they amazingly cute? I should take their pictures in front of the new shutters.


Ei said…
Ay...yeah, good blog fodder.

Your girls are so cute in that picture it is painful.
Don't bother your pretty little head about those shutters, Ma'am. Have your husband call them back instead.
Candy said…
ROFLMAO... seriously... I just can't stop laughing. That's so something I would do. I would probably be ultra passive aggressive and fax them the proof and ask them if they are sure and blah blah blah... LOL.
No one will notice, trust me.
DK said…
I'm with Hahn. No one will notice. And at least they don't have hearts on them.

And holy freakin' wow, that's a cute picture of the girls. Awwww.
Barb Matijevich said…
Well, *I* already noticed. And that's enough. Because I paid them to hang the freaking shutters--you know, CORRECTLY. If I had wanted them upside down, I could have just done it myself. So they need to come right back over here and hang them right-side up, preferably before I tell the entire world that they are stupid and inept.

(More censoring here.)

Mrs.Q said…
Looking forward to further shutter updates! By the way, that PJ shot wins my vote for quintessential holiday photo.