Love (Cynthia) Thursday

I'm sorry I lied.

You know how I said I wouldn't write any more posts about doing all kinds of things to my house to get it ready to list for sale? (Which, by the way, I also lied about inadvertently. We're not listing the house on Monday but on Wednesday. Rita, our Realtor, likes to do new listings in midweek. I'm not sure why but there's a reason she's so successful at selling houses and who knows, this may be it.) (Dudes, that was a digression in the middle of a confession! Followed by an interjection!) (Dang it, now I'm singing Schoolhouse Rock in my head. At 3:00 AM.)(I have insomnia and then there was this cat altercation on my bed and I got up for some water and now here I am at 3:00 in the morning singing Schoolhouse Rock.) (Sigh.)

ANYway, I have to post about my house because something happened yesterday that made this huge difference in how we are "staging" this house to sell before our move to New York. I've been working my hiney off (which is a good thing considering how much Mexican food I ate yesterday) doing things like decluttering and painting and changing out old ugly fixtures for new ones and I had made some really good progress.

But then my friend Cynthia, who is herself a Realtor, came over and spent about half an hour doing a quick walk-through of my house and giving me about fifty small things I could do to make my house more appealing in order to maximize our potential profit. She even rearranged the furniture in my living room.

(And she did all of this in the midst of an emotional crisis, the details of which I can't share but let's just say she has had an incredibly hard couple of years culminating this week in an event of just enormous horribleness. She deserves a vacation and to win the lottery and for the whole world to see how amazingly talented she is. She's a very strong woman but honestly? I'm not sure how much more she can take. I would be in the fetal position on my bathroom floor if even one of the things that has happened to her this past year alone had happened to me. If you're a praying person, would you pray a little prayer for her? Or if you believe in sending good vibes or Karma or something, would you take a few minutes to just send her all the positive energy you can? She's good people. And sometimes life really isn't fair.)

Cynthia is very plain-spoken and totally objective so she said things like, "Lose that dead plant" and that's exactly what I wrote down and that's exactly what I did. I think I needed someone to make me see how NON-objective I am, you know? Like I have this Ficus which has recently fallen on hard times. (Long story which involves some miscommunication between my husband and me about a watering schedule for it.) I've had it for almost 18 years and if I had time, I could rehab it. But I don't have time and I'm not moving it to New York with me so out it goes. It's a plant. It's not like it's a PET or something.

(Okay, okay, having said that, I can't just throw it out so I'm trying to find it a new home. For my other almost dead plants, too --not to mention the new plants that I will try hard to kill before we move. Lisa? Lisa of the Very Green Thumb?)

I have about another full day of doing the things on Cynthia's list and then I'll post pictures. The difference already is AMAZING. She ought to have a service where she goes around staging houses for people --she is so good.

Okay, a big fat orange kitty just returned to bed and crawled into my lap, making typing impossible and sleep finally probable. Time for lights out.

Blessings on you, Cynthia.


KnitFloozy said…
I'm so happy for you. Your friend was able to come and help you in the midst of her crisis. That is what good friends are for my dear. Give her a big old fashioned hug and I believe that she will know why.....sometimes that's all it takes to brighten someone's day.
DK said…
Um....if you wanna mail me the ficus, we'll put it up here at Plant Rehab....

Much love to you and Cynthia both. Sucks when bad things happen to good people, especially when they happen over and over and over again....(invite her to the sisterhood meetings, will you? And don't forget, it's your turn to bring chips and dip to the next one).

Maggie says "woof" to the bigfatcat. She says he'll know what that means.
Ei said…
dk totally made me giggle.

I'll bet Cynthia appreciates being able to get out of her stuff and do something she's obviously very good at doing. And yeah, she totally rocks for sharing that with you.

But you made me want a chimichanga so bad with that last post, I really don't know if you deserve it. Humph.
MadMad said…
Sleep tight!

Hm. Is it weird that I feel sorry for your 18-year-old ficus, getting dumped without even a Dear John letter...? Maybe a little.