New Socks

Jane (7) loves her new socks. Here they are: unwashed and unblocked--so they look a little misshapen. That's not Jane's feet, thank goodness. She appears to have inherited her father's feet--may we all bow our heads and say a tiny prayer of thanks.
Lorna's Laces in some flavor I've forgotten. Bamboo stitch for the leg and then regular stockinette.

Of course when I put them on her to wear today, she screamed and said they were itchy so I'm washing them now.

I immediately cast on the new pair in the glorious Claudia Hand Paint called Spring Break. I have a girlfriend with a birthday next week and I'd love to at least give her ONE sock.

The odds are good I can finish the pair because it looks like we're going out of town for the weekend to visit my MIL and I should have a lot of time to knit on the trip, as well as in the house when I'm trying not to drink all the wine in the world. (As an aside, yesterday was my first real day on Weight Watchers. I tracked my points for an entire day--even when I ate stuff like a handful of chocolate chips. I DRANK NO WINE. And I still ate about ten points over my daily allotment. No wonder I'm not making much progress!)

Here's an Ana-ism for you: Yesterday at the breakfast table, Ana (9) passed some gas. She was sort of proud of herself. I was shocked--you know I feel about that sort of thing. (See 92 and 93.) So I said, "ANA COOPER!" And she said, "What's the point of having a tush if you can't let it rejoice in song?"

Must I be EVERYONE'S straight man?


Ei said…
Ana just made my day. Please tell her so, and you know, I totally needed it. Love you.
Anonymous said…
You do know I love that girl don't you! Thanks for the smile. ~Michelle
Where in the world did she get that?!

And how do you block socks?
LaDonna said…
Oh, that Ana! What a fantastic kids! "rejoice in song"...CLASSIC!

And as far as the points go, yep, that's the way it is. Really, though, half the battle is just making sure you record what you eat every day. If you can get into that habit, it won't be long before you start to notice patterns and eating triggers. Keep at it! (FYI, I lost .8 this week. I have to keep reminding myself that it's a healthy weight loss rate.)
MadMad said…
Hahahaha! (And the socks look awesome - congrats!)
Delurking (again) to tell you that Ana's phrase has been uttered around this house several times since I shared your post with Hubba Hubba and Girl Child.

Your girls are such a source of joy.