Newly Staged, Continued...

The way the system works here, as I understand it, is that first the realtor brings all of her co-workers through the house, looking for feedback.

That happened today.

Then she'll host an open house for all Realtors so that they will know to bring their potential buyers to see it.

Then she'll hold an open house for prospective buyers.

The Realtors from Rita's (that's our realtor) office came through today. Haven't heard anything yet but I had the distinct advantage of being down the street from a smaller house where the owners didn't even bother to make the beds. Rumor has it that there were dishes everywhere and the place needed a good cleaning.

My house needs a lot, mind you, but it was pretty darn spotless. I had all the lights on and those scented airwick things billowing vanilla all over the place. I was playing a very understated classical CD in the background and when the first realtor got here, I high-tailed it out into the woods with the dogs, ostensibly to run them, but really so that the Realtors didn't get a load of my unwashed, paint spattered self, not to mention Scout, the Submissive Urinator. (As an aside, and you knew there would be at least ONE, right? Scout's really alarmed bark? Sounds like a beagle. He BAYS. It makes me want to hit him with a big stick. But I digress.)

They were only here for 15 minutes, tops.

Still, I actually felt proud of my house and my work to get it ready for today.

There are still a few things to do--some cabinets to paint and both the craft room and my husband's studio (from which he moved most of his gear over the weekend) need to be "staged." And it's too bad that it's raining because the house looks a lot better in the sun.

But here are some more pictures.

Here's Jane's room, which used to have a big princess painted on the wall.

Here is the pool area, which used to have this incredibly bright neon yellow wall.

Here's the master bedroom, for which I bought new bedding. Of all the things I did in the house, this one small thing makes me the happiest. I just love my new comforter and sheets!

Here's the spare room (that is not a really furry pillow. That is Edward, who seems to be taking all this frenzied activity in stride.)

Here's the den--look, no bicycle!

Here's the front door:

And here, finally, are the right-side up shutters!

Okay then, this is my last post about selling this house for a while as I am positive you all are quite sick of the whole subject. Tonight I am going to my book club--there is always good blog fodder there!


hokgardner said…
Isn't it amazing how something as simple as a new bedspread or comforter can change the whole look of a bedroom? I get a new comforter cover once a year, which I figure is less expensive than re-painting and buying new furniture.
Ei said…
I personally love seeing the progress you are making on the house (particularly those right side up shutters - whew!) And as a whole, I just love the glimpse into your life.

I'm going to my NEW book club tonight! I'm really not doing that creepy thing from SWF (you remember that movie?) though. Now. Where DID you get your hair done?
re: the new comforter/sheets - I'll repeat what I said on Amy's comments (LiveLearnKnit): It's funny how little it takes to make us happy. I see a new bedspread in my future.
Susan said…
Everything looks wonderful! I don't think that you'll have trouble selling your house. Good for you to have done all that work to get it ready. I'm glad that I didn't have to do it.
Anonymous said…
The house looks great Barb. Did you make any sort of decision about the tiles in the yard? Are you going to be able to take a couple?
DK said…
Wow, Barb. If I didn't already own one too many houses I don't need in locations I don't live, *I'd* buy your house! It looks awesome!
Anonymous said…
Wow! It looks like grown-ups live here!
Lynn said…
*Love* that red door! And I remember how much work it is to get a house ready to sell. Particularly if you have kids.

Kudos to you and Coop and the others who made it happen. Remember to sit down with your knitting for a few minutes, after you come home happy and relaxed from your book group.
Ei said…
Relaxed. Is that what they are calling it these days, Lynn?

MadMad said…
It looks great! (And aren't new sheets the BEST?!)