List of Joy Rush

Here are the first entries in the Barb's Loosey Goosey Joy Rush List Contest. I think my basic criteria is if you made me cry you get something. But we ALL get something in a lazy afternoon reading (Oh, come on, you know you want to!) about the joy in other people's lives and their conscious gratitude for it.

I've been thinking a lot about the attitude of conscious gratitude lately because I think some people think it's something that comes naturally to me. It's not, though. I have to work at it just like a lot of people. I wrote a column once about Happy People where my general conclusion was that people who don't have happiness as their core essence weren't destined to lead horrible miserable lives of despair. They just have to work a little harder to be happy. I'm one of those, I guess, and one thing I've learned is that consciously being grateful for my blessings is a shortcut to happiness for me. Actually, reading what brings joy to other people seems to make me happy, too.

Is this all just way too Oprah for y'all?

Anyway, here are the first eleven or so lists. I loved them all.



Can't Holder Tongue


Ei's Eyes Ei gets hand-knit socks--which she'll get from me in the fall after I've knitted the four pair I have to knit for recent graduates. (I'm sorry! I wish I was faster!)

Suburban Correspondent SC gets a book, if she wants one. (You don't have to read it if you don't want to...)


Farm Suite (who is brand-new to me and whose list was so wonderful I made her an instant winner. She gets a book, if she wants one.)

Here's one from Mom of Henri, who post shouldn't really be an entry because she wrote it before Mother's Day but the spirit is certainly alive and well and, as we all know, I'm making these rules up as we go along.

Innocent Observer

Farm Chick gets a book, too.


Miri said…
This is euphoric, reading about everyone's joy. Thanks for doing a seriously awesome thing.
Ei said…
Ok, I read all of those...and I think I'm lucky you like me because those are some danged nice lists. Maybe I should forfeit my socks to someone more deserving.

Um, no...wait, I want my socks. :) Good lists though. Love you guys.
Barb Matijevich said…
I'd knit everyone socks if I could--I swear. I'm bookmarking this post on my own blog (which might be lame but I don't care) for those deep blue funk days. You guys humble me. --Barb
Katie said…
It was an amazing thing for me to do this Joy Rush Challenge. It lifted my spirits immediatly! Truly, what a rush of joy. Thanks.

If you would show me how to knit socks I would do it in a heart beat. I love to knit!

Hey btw, thanks for all the props!
Katie said…
I just finished reading the winners blogs~whew!

What a rush!:)
Candy said…
I didn't do a list, but I posted something today about neighbors that was inspired by your list as well as a pic I took :)
Knitting Rose said…
OMG - you are so right - half of the battle to having a happy life is the attitude!! You don't have to have wonderful things happen to you to be happy - you are happy because you see all things as wonderful. I have always said that i would never win the lottery because I am already so rich and it is true.
Mrs.Q said…
I am going to spend all day going through the rest of those lists...then going back and adding more to mine! I posted my list this morning...thanks for the challenge. It's so good to look around at just how lucky I am. Now I get to go into my day feeling extra warm & fuzzy!