Random Tuesday Stuff

Oh, look, it's raining again. Such a surprise.

This past weekend, before I started killing brain cells that I really, REALLY cannot afford to lose, I had to move my garden. You know, my vegetable garden? The one with all the potential? Well, it turns out that if I wanted to see any vegetables in real life instead of in my mind, it needed more sun. Now that the leaves have filled in on the trees, there just wasn't any way it would get the six or more hours of direct sunlight it needed.( Spring happened here practically overnight. Classic Coop-ism, "You'd think it would hurt the trees to push out leaves that fast." I'm picturing the trees all red-faced and sweaty, "Dang, next year, I SWEAR I'm not going to let the deadline sneak up on me. I'm freaking exhausted.")

Anyway, I had to move it. In order to depict the move, I have trotted out my ever-so-adept Photoshop skills. (Okay, so the Pioneer Woman I am not. Stop that laughing.)

Luckily, my father-in-law is visiting and as we all know, he is the King of Homegrown Tomatoes Everywhere. So, he gave me planting advice and then he was concerned about the state of my little seedlings so he bought me some plant food and actually explained to me (several times, see White Russians Equal Death) how to feed the little things. Now we just need a little sunshine--HELLO--and maybe we'll be seeing some tomatoes soon.

It could happen.

I'm on Day Two of never drinking again. The thought still makes me want to... well, let's just not even go there, shall we?

Progress on the organizational front? Um, zero. Well, actually, that's not technically true. I now have some cabinets in which to put more boxes and at least get them out of my line of sight, where they sit reproaching me for failing my German heritage. Yesterday, our amazing contractor, handyman guy brought the cabinets and installed them.This one is in the Butler's Pantry.

And this one is in the laundry room. (Dudes, again with my stellar photoshopping. Hey, be nice. It's not so easy with one of those stupid touch pad mouses. (Mice?))

I didn't want to actually SHOW the cat box, which needs cleaning, but we took the center panel out of the cabinet. I am going to put some sort of flap on there (Coop suggested Love Beads but I think not.) and then I'll take a real picture. [NOTE: STOP READING HERE IF YOU'RE SQUEAMISH: Annabanana, the secret to stopping the dogs from helping themselves to a crispy-coated treat is to make the hole smaller than their heads, but big enough for the cat and then to put a child proof lock on the cabinet door. Luckily for me, Syd has outgrown this particularly nasty habit. But back in Austin, we had the cabinet featured in THIS post.OKAY, SAFE TO READ AGAIN.]

I'm going to tile the tops of the new cabinets because I love to lay me some tile. (Have I mentioned that I own my own wet saw? You sure?)

I went shopping for tile and, wow, I had to honestly just not go completely crazy and Tile Everything. I found a tile I like and brought home a sample and showed it to Coop. (Another classic Coop-ism, "Well, I LIKE it. But I think we need to be careful that it doesn't resemble something with MOLD on it." Good point, there. Because I hate it when the tile in my kitchen looks like mold.)

Okay, that's absolutely as many links to to my own work as I can possibly fit into one blog post. I'd like to point out, though, that each of them, and each of the photos, will open into a whole new window if you click on them to enlarge. Because I am an HTML GODDESS, do you hear me?

Stop that laughing. Just... oh, well, okay.


Tiny Tyrant said…
Meeses ;-)

At least that is how my husband has his mouse inventory bin labeled. :-)

Great post. Love your blog.
LaDonna said…
LOL! Love seeing the progress as you turn that new house into YOUR house! If I had a cat, I might need your advice about the cabinet, but seeing as how just the sight of a cat makes me itchy and sneezy, that particular tidbit will go unused by me. Interesting, nonetheless! (giggle!)

And yes, the technical plural form of a computer mouse is the same as its rodent counterpart...mice!
Miri said…
I am so freaking out I couldn't find my keyboard. I too have the in-law (and actual blood relative to boot) gardening envy. I too move my garden and marvel I mean grimace at my dad's tomatoes which resemble rhododendrons.

And the cat box thing. Well, that is just genius to which I only aspire.
Ei said…
That's brilliant and I'll have to remember some of it (um but we need to have some photo shop lessons) if I talk my landlord into allowing us to get a dog this summer. I need someone to walk with. :)

We truly got the whole of April with the rain, and are finally bringing out our May flowers. And in about 35 seconds it will probably be so hot we can't stand it.
MadMad said…
Oh, I like the love beads idea.... that would be funny!
That butler's pantry looks like a great place to set up a laptop and blog all day...
Anonymous said…
Oh YES you are the HTML goddess! I still think of you every time I use that code to make links open up into a new window!

Love the tile, btw, and the organizational skillz.
Annabanana said…
I love those glass tiles, too. Very peaceful.

Thanks for the explanation on the cabinet - sadly our 6month old puppy is way skinnier than our big old cat, so I think we'll have to wait for her to grow a bit for that to work for us. For now, I've sacrificed a planter area in the back patio. Kitty can get there, dog is fenced out. (sigh)...I also like the idea of love beads :-)
ckh said…
I took the doors off one of my bathroom cabinets for the catbox and put up a curtain. I intended to put a child-gate up to keep the dog out, but never got around to it.

Then - my cat became an outdoor cat and she never uses the box. I guess it's time to put the doors back on.

I know that cats should be kept indoors, but this one started out feral and the challenge to keep her in was too difficult. She hangs out and goes on walks with my dog and I and comes when I call her. She's like a dog. Except that she's purring on my lap and this is a really long comment, isn't it?