Love (New York) Thursday

Okay, I shouldn't have posted yesterday. Maybe it's like Friends Not Letting Friends E-Mail When Drunk--a coda to that ought to be, "Friends Don't Let Friends Blog With Migraines."

What I was trying to say was that everything looked terrible and affected me terribly because I was getting a migraine. I wasn't looking to wail about my unfortunate driving experiences in New York (because let's face it, mostly that's just FUNNY) but I was TRYING to say that a small incident in the school parking lot had an enormous effect on me because I was getting a migraine. It wasn't that big of a deal, really, except that I was SOBBING over it. (Which is pretty funny too, but I couldn't see it because I had Lost My Sense of Humor.) On any normal day, I would have simply rolled down my window and apologized and gone on about my business.

OOO-KAY then, moving right along and away from the slippery slope of my mental health...

To make it up to all of my New York friends who felt like they should sort of, well, apologize because I got yelled at (Dudes, I'm sure it happened in Austin, too. It's just that in Austin, people yell more quietly.), I offer This:

Reasons Why I Love New York and New Yorkers

I love that New Yorkers are all about What You See Is What You Get. I know there are probably poseurs here just like everywhere but for the most part, everyone I've met has had nothing to prove to anybody. I respond well to authenticity (well, you know, most days) and I like not having to guess what people are thinking.

I love this group of people we've had working on our house. Love. Them. Seriously, I'd like to invite them to dinner. They're honest, they work hard, they charge a fair price, and they clean up after themselves --what more could you ask for? Get this, those cabinets we had installed? The contractor guy got them for about $400 cheaper than he had estimated so he, hello, discounted my price by $400.

It's so BEAUTIFUL here. This was a huge surprise to me--I just hadn't thought about it. Driving my kids to school is such a pleasure because of the lush vegetation and the vibrant colors. Everything is in bloom! Everybody knock wood really fast but my own garden? FREAKING GOING TO TOWN! There are few things that make me as happy as seeing something bloom and grow, and double the pleasure if it's something I've planted myself.

The rabbits. I know, I know, they'll eat my garden if they can but they're just... well, they're just really cute. And they're everywhere--these little brown puff balls with white cotton tails.

My immediate neighbors and my community here. Really good people. When Edward was missing (Edward post coming tomorrow), people called just to tell me that they were looking for him, too. When you're really sad over losing a pet, it really helps not to feel so alone. It kept me going. And my neighbors... well, I've already told you about Lin. But there's a Cathy next door and a Sandra across the cul-de-sac and I think maybe we're all going to be great friends. And they have KIDS the same ages as MY KIDS.

The food. Okay, so this might also have to be on a list of things that give me great anxiety because, I kid you not, every single thing I've eaten here has deserved the moniker, "The BEST (Whatever it is) I've EVER had." (Well, okay, except the Mexican food, which sucks eggs.) I could write a POEM about the bagels here. Dudes, the food is amazing.

Delightful Dinners--saving my marriage and my sanity, one meal at a time.

Being less than five miles from the beach.

Having a big-arse backyard. Scout can actually be barking at the back of our yard and I can honestly and realistically pretend I don't hear a thing.

You cannot pump your own gas here. There are only full-service gas stations in the town where we live. I would imagine that in the coming winter when it's 2 degrees outside, this is going to be even more of a blessing. (As an odd corollary, it's very hard to find anyone to sack your groceries at the grocery store. I'm not sure why that is.)

It's NOT 99 degrees here. I find that I am loving having seasons.


Miri said…
Hey, on this the one-week anniversary of my stumbling across your blog, I want to give you a present in honor of how much I like this post and your ability to be funny about New York:

I do drink the occassional beverage other than Diet Coke. I can't help it: I live within walking distance of two award-winning wineries. Don't tell anyone.
Miri said…
plus, and I know I'm comment-hogging: my four-year-old just came in here with a Skittle up her nose.
Of course you can't get anyone to bag your groceries - they're all outside pumping your gas.

That was meant to be funny, by the way. I know Barb is smart enough to figure out that there are probably other, vastly more complicated, economic reasons for the lack of baggers in NY. I am not talking down to her in any way, shape, or form.

Sensitive? Moi?
Ei said…
So does Scout have to wear the tee shirt daily now? How is Scout anyway? (I love Edward, you know, but I have a weakness for Underdog, who, by the way, is never invited into my smelly SUV).

Do you know what I hate about New York? That I've never been there. Happy Thursday, m'love.
Mokihana said…
We can't pump our own gas here in Oregon, either. And I definitely confirm that when it's nasty outside, it's a wonderful prohibition!

Besides, no matter what "they" tell us, gas doesn't get cheaper if you do pump your own.
Mokihana said…
PS: Yay, another Edward post!! I feel as though I'm his auntie.
Always, Laura said…
Funny, in Iowa, we have to pump our own gas and wish we could bag our own groceries. At least I do. Since when does lettuce and hamburger go in the same bag? I know a couple of baggers that deffinatly missed that day of training!!
LaDonna said…
Yep, I think you definately made amends with the New Yorkers, Barb! That's a great list! And yeah, there is something to be said for the I-am-who-I-am-and-I-ain't-pretendin'-no-different mentality. At least you always know where you stand with people! Hugs and have a great holiday weekend!

Oh, by the way, Ei...Scout has apparently taking classes and has learned how to write Barb's mailing labels!

farm suite...skittles! (snort!)
TheOneTrueSue said…
I'm so jealous of the Delightful Dinners. And the vibrant colors. Everything here is brown. Brown, brown, brown.

Man, I'm such a whiner butt lately. I really need to do you joy list thing.