More Joy Rush Lists

I eased into this week by reading about other people's joy. (I had to EASE into the week due to a a small cold and a fairly wicked hangover --my father-in-law and brother-in-law are visiting and last night, my BIL made us all White Russians because we were watching The Big Labowski. There's a reason I haven't had a White Russian since college--they really, REALLY don't like me. I may never drink again.) Anyway, I love you guys for making these lists --they've been so uplifting to read. I wish I could knit you ALL socks!

Mrs. Q


DK DK gets hand-knitted (by me) socks. She's a much better knitter than I am so this isn't a very good prize for her but she already has my book. She made me cry WHILE I had goosebumps!

Chickie Momma Chickie Momma gets a book if she'd like one.

Poppy Buxom

I hope I've linked to everyone who has sent a link to me so far. (My organizational process broke down over the weekend --see note above re: White Russians.) If I have left you out, please send me another note!

I also got some lists via e-mail but I need to find out if I have permission to post them...

Thanks again, you(se) guys.


Anonymous said…
So far I've only come up with one thing on my list....but I'm working on it...really, I am. I think you'll like the one thing I put on my list though.
Poppy B. said…
No, thank YOU. Really.

And I've been reading your blog. It's uncanny how much your writing reminds me of mine. So I won't bother to call you by your name. I'm going to call you "my Poppelganger."