Sucking Wind

It's Memorial Day weekend.

Yesterday, my old dog Sydney (15) was running around the backyard and she had another seizure. She's okay but that old heart just doesn't have that many beats left, you know?

Today started out with Ana throwing up again. This has been the worst bout of strep we've ever had at our house. She's had fever and a rash and this stomach bug. Anyway, we got to make another trip to the doctor this morning because we thought last night she might be having a reaction to the medication and so we needed to get that rash checked out. We stopped actually TAKING the medication, which is probably why she started throwing up again.

Then, the tile I told you I'd found for the back-splash in the kitchen and the new bar area and the cat cabinet? I was going to get it in these very groovy three-eighth of an inch mosaic tiles --because I am all about HGTV high style, right? Yup, that's me. Only, one small thing stands in the way between me and fabulous, gorgeous tile. Do you want to know what that is?

It's $299 a square foot.

No, that's not even a typo. I walked into the tile place and picked out the world's most expensive tile. (I'm sort of gifted in that way.) Needless to say, that glass tile? Won't be gracing the Cooper Clubhouse.

So, I'd be all about The Pit of Despair right about now but look at THIS:

Jane lost one of her front teeth. I keep having to make her giggle so that I can see that snaggle-tooth grin. She's so cute with that smile that I could BITE her--just eat her right up. That grin is going a long way toward saving my weekend.

And I needed something because I just looked down and noticed I have vomit all over my shoe.


Wear it like a badge of honor, honey...
Ei said…
Dude I hate blogger and it's comment eating ways.

I love that smile could light up a room.

My life? I'm on puking child, the sequal. I just missed a repeat of Tuesday afternoon by minutes, minutes I tell you.
Stefanie said…
Aww... I think Jane has gotten bigger!!
TheOneTrueSue said…
What a darling girl she is.

Poor Sydney. Poor sick kids. My son had strep earlier this week and it was miserable. I hope they're feeling better soon.

$299 per square foot. WOW. Is it made out of solid gold? Eeeek.
Miri said…
Cute and cuter! I love how her tongue is sticking out a little in the one picture. Like, hey, I'm going about my business, but let's not forget, THE TOOTH FAIRY's COMING.
DK said…
Oh, I love that picture of Sydney. Such a sweet, distinguished old girl.

Also the one of Jane. It made me giggle.

I'm sorry there's vomit on your shoe (although I totally second SC's comment). I have a puking kid upstairs - who's not mine, and actually not even my patient. I'll try to stand at a safe distance.

Hey, ps, did you know the tooth fairy comes to the psych ward? Just on the child side (if the adults lose their teeth it's just too bad. And she'd never be able to leave the Gero unit!), but, I think that's kind of cool.
LaDonna said…
Oh, I love those front-tooth-missing smiles! Marissa's lasted so long though, I thought her teeth were NEVER coming in! (Of course they did, I just wasn't being patient.)

How's Syd this week?