It Was a Beautiful, Beautiful 20 Minutes

In anticipation of my parents' arrival today (!), my husband cleaned our entire house top-to-bottom yesterday.

Well, you know, in the form of a four-man cleaning MACHINE that he hired.
Dudes. You could perform surgery on any surface in my house right now. You know, if you, like, wanted to.

Honestly, there aren't that many people who can out-clean me. I'm German, I have OCD and I'd pretty much put my cleaning skills up against most people's cleaning skills with confidence.

These guys?

WOW. I mean... just WOW.

THis is the kitchen. At one point, I walked in and one of the guys had his head all the way in the sink, checking to see if there was any crud where the granite meets the stainless steel sink.

I've never even thought of that.

See these stripes? This couch HAS NO STRIPES. Those are COURTESY STRIPES, done by a man with excellent vacuum control. (Mercy. Is it hot in here or is it just me?)

Master bedroom.

Jane's room. More stripes.

How much do I love that little toilet paper folded point? Love it. LOVE IT!

Thanks, honey, you did an amazing job and now you're off the hook for household chores for at least the rest of the week. Big smooch.


Anonymous said…
Kill joy.

I just posted about how the fact that (my) Mark running the vacuum cleaner over the living room floor to pick up the crumbs (mostly), 10 seconds before I get home from work, makes me thankful.

old lady said…
Oh wow! That man is a KEEPER AND the number of the cleaners he called! Care to share?? The number I mean.
Joan said…
Your house looks so inviting! Is that a ball of yarn on the custom-hoovered sofa?
LaDonna said…
They can come do my house you think they'd make the trip to North Dakota? Your parents will be so impressed!
Sarahviz said…
As soon as I started reading I was thinking to myself, "But did they fold over the toilet paper?" and then I kept reading. How awesome!
Tiny Tyrant said…
Please please send those cleaners out to my coast. Equally OCD, but not German.

Granted I already have a house keeper. Hubby got a gardener (local laborer we like) so I got a housekeeper (laborer's wife so it works out nice for both of them).

I'm just glad I don't have to clean the bathroom anymore. :-)

Hope you have a good visit with your parents.
Unknown said…
OMG I got all hot under the collar a the sight of those vacuum stripes!!!
Memarie Lane said…
I am awed. If my husband ever got that busy he'd be seeing more action elsewhere too, that's for dang sure!
Amanda said…
wow. just wow. I think I'd carve space out of my yarn budget for those cleaners.

Oh and that kitchen? I kind of hate you just a little. But not really, I can't begrudge anyone a lovely kitchen just because mine is a 10x10 closet.
Misty said…
WOW!!! I would die and go to heaven if I walked in and my house looked like that. Holy Moly!
Miri said…
Oh, happy day! You could add to your joy rush list. Like this (I'll do it for you since you're getting used to that sort of thing with a TEAM of cleaners):

"I get a little joy rush when my wonderful husband orders four hulking strong men with attention to detail to give the white-glove treatment to my house."

There. Now you can go pick up your parents. Unless you have a driver too? ;)
hokgardner said…
I have a housekeeper every other week, but not once has she left vacuum stripes anywhere. I'd give her a raise if she did.
ckh said…
I haven't been this envious of anyone in a long while.
Anonymous said…
Just in case that the knitting isn't doing the job for your OCD, you could try this:
DK said…
Wow. WOW. You have an awesome husband. And such a beautiful house. Wow.

So sending my future husband to Coop for training.
Ei said…
I just can't get over the stripes.

I'll be thinking about them for days...maybe weeks.
I'm practically panting with excitement and desire. What are these, housecleaning gigolos?
Barb Matijevich said…
Sc, you are cracking me up. It's nice to see what Coke commercials have done for the rich fantasy life of women everywhere! It was four little bitty Puerto Ricans but HOLY MOLY could those guys CLEAN.

I did clean for about five hours before they got here because SOMEONE had to put all that C.R.A.P. back into boxes. In fact the house was so clean I thought about cancelling the guys and just scrubbing the place myself. I'm SO GLAD I didn't! I'm telling you guys, it was the best $150 I (Coop) ever spent.
Lynn said…
I've asked you before, and I'm asking again: please clone Coop and roll the clone's odometer forward about 15 years.

Or just send me the four manic cleaners. I am about 90% packed, and a quarter German, and my OCD can beat up your OCD, except the only place I don't have it is in the realm of housework.

It's not that I think it's beneath me. It's more like, most days, it's beyond me.
Mon said…
Gotta love "courtesy stripes". I love love love it. I want those people to come to my house.

That painting you have over your couch, by Kandinsky ( Farbstudie Quadrate) is one of my very favorites in the world. Great choice! Your house looks great...and love the "courtesy stripes".
MadMad said…
OK. Now I'm all cranky. How come the house you moved into all of -what, a month ago? - I more decorated than mine? And clean? Like you read about! I'd have to move out, now, to not mess up all that awesomeness. How about that couch stripe thing, man? Whoa! Do they travel?
happyfamily said…
please please please oh please have your husband talk to my husband!