Letters from the Front

It is possible that Ana (10) will be an attorney when she grows up.

(This is the "welcome" letter she left for our weekend house guests, who were staying in her room.)

It says,

"Welcome to the Cooper Hotel!

Your room will be on the upper floor, number 3. Please use the [play] money enclosed to buy from the shops that will occasionally pop up during your visit. You are welcome to use the desk in your suite to put your luggage on, or use it for writing, drawing, etc., etc..

There are some things that we would prefer you to look at, and not touch, such as the doll beds in front of the bookcase. You are welcome to read books from that.

Please refrain from taking down drawings, signs, pictures, etc., etc..

We ask you not to take [play] money from the cash register and feel free to mess up your bed. We will make it up so that you will come in to a made bed, which (for us) is very relaxing.

Enjoy your stay at the Cooper Hotel!"

It is possible that Jane (7) will be a psychologist when she grows up.

This letter says,
"Dear Ana,

You didn't seem excited when I told you about my tooth. Is something bothering you? Are you jealous? If you are, then be jealous. It's all right, you can tell me. And if you ever feel that way about me, you can tell me. You won't be in any kind of trouble. And if you tell me the truth, guess what? You'll be the first to know how much money I got from the Tooth Fairy.

And you said you knew where Pinky, my Pacifier, was. How old do I have to be for you to show me where she is?



PS: In your next letter, I will write a story for you!

I [heart] you, you goofball!

[heart] Jane"

It could be that Ana will be a diplomat when she grows up.

(Apology letter after a game of trains went horribly wrong.)
It says,
"Dear Jane,

I'm sorry for not giving you one of those cars when you asked. Are we still friends? I will always love you, even if I say I don't. If we ARE still friends, maybe we could play mail, school, or some other third thing.

I loved you from the second you were born.


It is possible that Jane will be an actress when she grows up.

(Jane's response after being refused dessert and her statement that she was never going to eat again until she was given some ice cream. To which her mother lovingly responded that she would be waiting a VERY LONG TIME and be VERY HUNGRY. To which Jane asserted that she would STARVE TO DEATH and we would find her SKELETON in her room, then.)

It is possible we have some WRITERS living in the Cooper Hotel household.


Dawn said…
Hilarious, absolutely hilarious!!
Ei said…
Too incredibly funny.

But the will thing? Totally did that...but my sister didn't get anything until I turned about 30, and then, lucky her, she got my kids. :)
Mrs.Q said…
I hope you are saving those for when they're older! Those are priceless. Writers? In your house? Highly unlikely, don't you think?

Sarahviz said…
Those are classic!
LaDonna said…
Oh, my! I've heard many parents tell their children to "use their words", but only yours take it so literally! Those are absolutely the BEST!!!
Unknown said…
y6ou are saving these things right? for use in future? like at weddings?????
DK said…
Oh, the drama, indeed....

I wanna hear more about the shopping.

Love those girls. Love that they're so amazingly bright. Love that they're so much like their mom.

Also loved Ana's use of "etc., etc." Not to mention Jane's psychological mindedness.
Miri said…
This is the best thing I've read all day. Talk about a great collection of essays!
Marie said…
Too funny!! Enjoy them, it goes by sooooo fast!!!!

When my Elizabeth (now 21, my youngest!) was about 8, she was sent to her room as a punishment for a temper tantrum. Sitting in my bed reading a while later, I heard the patter of little feet across the hall, a piece of paper flew into my room and the feet retreated.

The paper said:

"Dear Marie,
Please let Elizabeth out of her room.
Love, Jesus"

lol lol

I guess she figured she'd go to a higher authority.:)
Nadine said…
Classic! I hope you keep them for your daughters to read when they are adults :)

Just discovered your blog. I love it!