Love (Joy Rush Alert!) Thursday

So, when I first posted my Joy Rush list, this incredibly nice blogger named Miriam entered the contest and her list was so wonderful that I sent her a copy of my book. (Yea! A chance read more about ME. And, um, my LIFE and my CHILDREN and my NEUROSES! I am sure she was thrilled.) And then she and I kind of got to talking (e-mail-wise) and discovered that we are really the same person, only she has FOUR girls and a farm and lives three time zones away from me. And she's younger. Also, thinner and more accomplished and a better driver. And probably, a better mother. But other than that, we are practically mirror images. EXACTLY the same.

So, then we talked some more (e-mail, because I don't really do the other kind) and she wrote me some very kind words when I was feeling particularly down. I know, I know--you are shocked, aren't you? I'm usually SO SHY about showing my feelings that you never would have known I was down about things like my dog dying, my best new friend moving, my endless gimpiness and the fact that our house in Austin still hasn't sold...y'all are shocked that I was feeling down about all that, right? Yeah, I know. So PRIVATE, that would be me.


So, I knitted her a bag.

And I sent it to her, along with another copy of my book because her mother took the first copy and because I still have about 200 of them and I'm all unselfish like that. (Protest is futile.)

But then you know what she did?? Do you?? Do you???


She made me cry. By writing THIS.

See, there's something about knitting something for someone --some kind of wishful thinking that what you are making will be something precious or at least appreciated by the giftee. That the person will feel all the hope and good wishes and love you put into every stitch. And gosh, that feeling when the other person really GETS it? Well, it's why I give away the things I knit. I guess it's a selfish thing, really.

I want to learn to give from some place where my joy remains intact no matter the response. I'm not there yet. Until then, this is a tremendous joy rush.

And Miriam? As rare and miraculous as a ladyslipper in these parts.


hokgardner said…
What a beautiful bag and two beautiful posts.

I love giving away the things I've knitted.

And I was especially thrilled with my older daughter's reaction to socks I knit for her - it was like she just KNEW that I had made them with such love.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing. I love the bag, I love her all brought tears to my eyes.

Debbie J
DK said…
Well said, Miriam.

You, too, Barb. ;-) And the bag is lovely!
Anonymous said…
You are a good friend.