A reader/friend wrote me to tell me that she'd heard on the radio that today is supposed to be a lucky day because of all the eights. (08/08/08 --Friday, August 8, 2008.) She said that we should light a white candle and say something like, “Please, Please, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE UNIVERSE bring prosperity to me through the sale of our Austin House.” The number 8 has some kind of “vibration” regarding money and all things surrounding money, and the triple 8 is a special prosperity day – supposedly.

You know me: immediately, I'm thinking, "Dude, how many candles should I light?" Because I am willing to try ANYTHING, even setting the dang house ON FIRE.

We're looking at having a family move into our house in Austin so that the house has furniture in it and shows better. There's a company there that places families in transition (the prospective tenants are building a house and waiting for it to be finished) in vacant houses in order to "stage" them. We've checked their references, etc. and they seem like a reputable company.

We really don't want to do this because we are worried about the liability. Granted, our house had four pets, two kids and one messy boy in it when WE lived there so it's pretty sturdy AND we do have insurance. But if someone trips on one of those stepping stones, or has an accident in the pool, I think our liability is much greater. (We wouldn't have sued OURSELVES if anything like that happened to US when we lived there, you know what I'm saying?)

So, if you all are lighting a candle for yourself today and wishing for prosperity, could you add a little coda and say, "I wish Barb's house in Austin would sell and bring her prosperity before she goes SMACK out of her mind and starts selling off her children to gypsies," I would really appreciate it.

Although, actually, I think selling the kids to the gypsies isn't such a great likelihood. Because yesterday, Jane and I were doing a puzzle and she connected a huge portion of the frame together and I said, "You are so CLEVER. Gosh, that's awesome, Janie."

And she said, "Yes. With my sharp eyes and good brain and YOUR charm, we make a pretty good team."

Well, there ya have it.


Well, she's gonna go far, isn't she? Sounds like she's the one who has the corner on charm...
Anonymous said…
Isn't there a different kind of insurance for landlords? I mean, besides regular homeowner's insurance. Perhaps this would ease your fears about your temporary (paying?) guests increasing your liability.

Miri said…
You ARE charming. And she is so funny. I wonder where she got that?

Eight candles, of course.

Every time we are freaking out desperate beyond belief, my husband's grandma (most lovable little lady you've every met) lights a candle. I believe. I BELIEVE in this.

Also, old Catholic real estate secret that is not so secret: bury a statue of a certain Saint upside down in your front yard. I've had several clients do this and strange but true it always coincides with a sale soon thereafter.

I've never done it.
LaDonna said…
Yep, miriam is right. It's a statue of St. Joseph. My sister and BIL did that when they were trying to sell their house. Unfortunately for them, St. Joseph took his time helping them out. They finally closed on their old house last month...over a year after the house went on the market.

And Jane...oh, Jane! You really should check all the online dictionaries to make sure her picture isn't showing up next to the word "precocious"! HA!
Anonymous said…
That is a very, very good kid, indeed. I'll light a candle for ya!
You have my sympathies! The time we failed to sell our house in Hutto during that all-important spring/summer period, I thought I'd go out of my mind.
Brendy Vaughn said…
I love when dates line up like that. DH and I were married on 03-03-03.

Yep, eight candles sound right.
DK said…
I find you quite charming myself.

Eight candles. Duh. If you'd have just asked Janie, you would've known that.

There is landlord insurance (although it's not called that), and you could make the renters or the agency take out renters' insurance.

Yeah. I tried the St. Joseph statue for the past two houses I owned. My house in Chicago took 18 months to sell, my house in NH took THREE EFFING YEARS. I'm sure he's a very nice saint, but, that's one superstition I just don't buy. Maybe he'd help more if I were Catholic.
Ei said…
Did you get an offer? Because, dude, I poured so many thoughts into your house sale on Friday my head still hurts.
MadMad said…
Damn, I knew I liked that kid. She is darned funny.