Game Over

Coop and I didn't exactly make up, but we've agreed to disagree. Which is sort of a bummer because making up would be nice right about now if it included some kissing. Actually, you know, I'm not sure we even really AGREED to disagree--maybe we just sort of wore each other down to the point where we're too tired to continue. This trying to make big life-changing decisions? It's freaking exhausting.

I had lunch today with hokgardner, from the comments. It's an interesting thing because I had met her before, several years ago and she's been a reader of my humor/parenting column, So, the thing is... for a long time. But it's through this blogging thing --and knitting--that we've become real friends. I think maybe that might be the key to why blogging is so wonderful for people who are shy, like hokgardner and me. Blogging allows you a window into each others' day-to-day lives in a way not unlike real in-life friends get when they pop into each others' houses. It's also a way of hedging my bets, I guess, because I put myself out there, totally exposed, and if someone still wants to meet up with me, I know there's a good chance that she's not going to run screaming away in rejection when I show up with food on my shirt and carrying my knitting.

She brought her youngest, a little boy named Campbell, who was just... unbelievably adorable. He's got that wobbly, new walking and that blinding baby smile. Once, he came around a corner and stretched up his arms, beaming and laughing at me. I think he meant to aim for hokgardner but he missed. Still, I'll take it. He saw a guy dressed in work clothes going into a restaurant at a distance and I could see him start to beam and get all hopeful. I remembered how when Coop and I were still dating, we would meet for lunch and he would be in full business suit and tie and small children would just automatically stretch their arms up to him and say, "Daddy?" And how his face would open up as he bent down to say hello.

I don't know. Maybe I should try that.



hokgardner said…
Well the way to be my friend is to say nice things about my kids! And last week I spent a whole day walking around with graham cracker smeared across the back of my shirt without realizing it.

I enjoyed having lunch with you. Let's do it again soon.
Shy? Are you sure?

I know what you mean about being just too tired to argue about something. And you're both probably still walking around with hurt feelings, which is too bad! I hate when that happens. Marriage really isn't easy. But whenever I think how hard it is for me, I remember it must be harder for my husband. Because I am extremely unreasonable at times. And I'm in my forties and, let's face it, not looking quite like I did in my twenties. Why is it that guys can look even better as they age, but women simply don't?

I'm sorry - I'm babbling in your comments section. How embarrassing.
MadMad said…
Aw, that's awesome that you got to get together! How fun!

Yeah... half of our arguments around here end with just moving on. (Until the next month, when we have the same fight all over again...) But sometimes you do what you gotta do to get through the days, you know? I'm sure that one big one won't affect what seems to be a great relationship. I think it just happens, sometimes. People can't always agree on everything, no matter how much we want them to, you know?