Oh, look! Dignity---Um, Not.

So, after one hellacious day of travel with children (which, I understand, some people refer to as vacation) I have very little left to give to you.

Well, okay. There is THIS:

That, my friends, is what happens when I try to crochet anything. It's the first (and last) scarf I ever crocheted.

For my mother.

Who laughed until tears came down her face and then...

Kept it for at least thirty years.

Yea, me. So, anyway, now you know why I am a SOCK knitter.

****** (denotes changing of subject)

So, my husband brought home this game called MILKO from a vendor of his called Milkshake Media. It's hilarious. It's like Bingo but with um, holiday happenings that make you cringe and laugh at the same time.


Happy thanksgiving!


Glad to see someone else had a hard time today trying to come up with something to post. Where did you go?

Oh, and maybe the tag line should have a play on wine/whine?

Mother. Writer. Whino? (would anyone get it?)(Naah.)

Mother. Writer. Whine Steward.

Never mind. You figure it out.
hokgardner said…
We'll be playing Milko here tomorrow. Thanks for the link.
Annabanana said…
Oh too funny, it looks like a crocheted stomach! (check out http://www.yarnivore.com/mt/archives/000839.html)

Hope the tday is great! You have been tagged for the Seven Things meme. Come visit me to find out the details!
Your little piece of handiwork looks like everything I ever tried to knit-there was my sister in 4H, knitting car covers and stuff and I would get 30 or 40 rows of exactly what you did. I took up volleyball instead. Far easier.
DK said…
I totally love that your mom kept it. And some day, when you live on my coast, I'll show you how I figured out how to *not* have that happen...
MadMad said…
Ha! The scarf is awesome! (And at least you didn't just make it, right? I'm sure 30 years improves your crochet skills a bit!) Glad to hear T-Day went well! The kids are all beautiful! How fun!
Ei said…
The first thing I ever crocheted looke almost exactly like that,except blue, and it was supposed to be a pot holder, I think. But I can crochet with the best of them now. Knitting however scares the hell out of me. Here I thought crocheting was for idiots who couldn't figure knitting out.


Well, hope you are having fun in family of origin land. Your neice and nephews are adorable...like I'm surprised.