Oh, Just Ignore This

What is it that is so exhausting about family?

I mean, not just MY family, although we are plenty freaking exhausting. But what is it about extended family? I'm so tired.

We left my Mom's this morning, thinking that we were soooo smart for not waiting until tomorrow to travel when everyone else would be traveling. (Of course, my HUSBAND is traveling tomorrow for business so we might not have missed that bullet so much. Especially since the traffic was horrific today, after all.)

My kids were really very good natured about the trip back home until the last hour, it seems. Or maybe it's just that right about then, I realized how intolerant of childhood noise I am. Seriously, everyone else in the world seems able to tolerate the whistling/humming/shrieking/creative and loud dialogue better than I can. It makes me feel even more doomed as a parent.

And also? Ana totally gets how to get under my skin. No one would think she does it consciously but if I snap at her for whistling, she starts humming. If I say, "Ana, hum something ELSE." she starts doing some kind of percussive mouth thing. Or maybe, if I'm really lucky, she starts whistling again. And she gives me this sort of fake innocent smile thing.

I know y'all are thinking I need stronger medication.

I probably do.

I'll be back tomorrow with all kinds of commentary on life and having at least read my normal blog roll so I can comment on all that. I just feel way behind and overwhelmed and, as Jane wrote in a note to us this weekend, "I just have to say that I feel very small and sad and left out." (If I could find it, I would give you her original spelling, which is hilarious.)

Anyway, you know, my MOM is here so the fun should be really...um...fun.

Happy post-Black Friday.


You don't need stronger medication - you need duct tape.

The noise gets to me, too - more and more with each passing year. Soon, Larry and I will be training our kids to speak in whispers.
Lynn said…
What she said. For far too long, there were seven of us in 1000 square feet. Thankfully, there was also .7 acre outside for them to play on.

I love all my kids, and I like most of them, most of the time; they've turned out well in spite of their father and me.

But I like them best when I get to spend time with them one or two at a go. If it's the whole fam damily, three hours is about my limit.

Family life is designed not only to civilize them, but to knock the rough edges off us as well. It is, without question, the hardest thing I have ever done, as well as the most rewarding.
hokgardner said…
The noise gets to me too. And now the girls like to get their brother wound up and shrieking, which makes things even worse. And with today's weather, I was about to cook and eat all of them.
Ei said…
I'm so glad the ignoring doesn't seem to be mandatory.

I love this post because it so nicely sums up how it is I have a love/hate relationship with a)my family of origin and b)driving long distances to see them. I think it is a REQUIREMENT that I go long periods between visits so that I can forget the terror of that last hour outside of home. Last time it ended up being much longer because of an accident on the bridge crossing from that other state into mine over a massive river and me having two children who needed to PEEEEEEE.


Peace and love, Barb. I know you will sleep well tonight(or are doing so now).
Candy said…
Oh, you are so not alone... I hate kid noise. I have these friends that love it or are just freaks like that. I hate it. I send them to their rooms. And Jamie is just like that! He'll do things just to watch my head implode!
Anonymous said…
You know that old "saying" - children should be seen and not heard - there's a reason for it. We ALL have low tolerance to that constant noise that comes from kids, starting at about age 3 (before that the noises are kind of cute....plus they still nap) and as far as I know, doesn't end until sometime after they are 16....I'm STILL waiting for Ben to shut up. What I wouldn't give for one of those moody, silent teenagers that sneaks around and mopes all day!
Lynda said…
Don't feel bad....the noise gets to me too. And I have a boy, which is worse than a girl cuz they make more and louder and way different noises than girls do. My most favorite thing that he does is tap.....ugh!!!!