Open House--to be continued

I had a very bad migraine today that I couldn't shake so unfortunately, instead of writing the blog posts I imagined today in my head, I am succumbing to the migraine and going to bed.

But here. Here's a picture of Edward, obviously feeling my stress.

(Look at those curled feet!)


Candy said…
What's up with you and the cat's feet? Have you been sniffing the paint fumes again?

Feel better soon... Migraines suck.
Ei said…
Migraines suck. Hugs.

I think I understand the fascination with Edward's feet. I'll let you tackle that and see if I'm right though (see what a whimp I am?) Looking forward to Open House shennanigans.
Anonymous said…
We were sharing a migraine across the miles I guess. I managed to get out of the house to watch Ben's final improv performance then we took the kids out for lunch. I ate (of course) and when we got home at 4:00 I went to bed. I got up this morning at 6:00. I NEVER do that. I'm still a little "foggy" this morning. How are you feeling today?